Austin Inexperienced Truck Driver Accident Lawyer

When you have been injured in a collision caused by an inexperienced trucker, you can come to the Loewy Law Firm for experienced legal representation from an Austin inexperienced truck driver accident attorney in your claim for compensation.

An Austin personal injury lawyer from our team is ready to meet with you for a consultation to discuss the scope of your injuries and to determine how much your case is worth. We help accident victims get their lives back on track, and will work to secure a settlement to cover everything from your medical expenses and lost wages to the pain and suffering you have been forced to experience. Mr. Loewy is a Super Lawyer and lifetime member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®-the type of experience you need no your side at this difficult time.

Many of the nation’s leading trucking companies offer driving schools to new employees to help them secure the commercial driver’s license which is required for getting behind the wheel of a big-rig truck. Unfortunately, this training is often inadequate to fully prepare the driver for the rigors involved in properly handling one of these vehicles, which can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Driving a semi-truck demands special skills, whether at highway speeds or in low-speed maneuvers on city streets. A large number of trucking accidents in Austin are caused by new drivers who simply lack the experience necessary to safely operate the vehicle.

Injured In An Accident Caused By An Inexperienced Truck Driver?

While the new driver may have caused the jackknife accident or truck rollover that resulted in your injuries, it might also be possible to file a lawsuit for damages against the trucking company. If the company knowingly sent an inexperienced trucker out on the road, you could be able to recover compensation in a claim based on employer negligence. Our Austin trucking accident attorneys will carefully investigate the situation to determine the most effective course of action and will work closely with you as the case progresses to help you secure the best possible result.

For help in pursuing compensation when you have been injured in a collision caused by an inexperienced driver, contact our firm.