How Can I Afford A Attorney

“In order to properly work up a case, it’s very important to hire experts. For example, in a car crash case sometimes you need an accident Reconstructionist. In a case where someone is seriously hurt, sometimes you need a medical expert to talk about the injuries. What distinguishes my law firm is that I will pay for these experts. A lot of law firms simply do not have the money to pay for experts because they are expensive. And this is part of investing in my client’s case. In order to maximize the potential recovery for my client it is imperative to hire the best experts and get them ready to testify and put every possible dollar into the case in order to get the most money possible.

I work on what’s called a contingency fee basis. Meaning I am not paid unless I win my client’s case. So, initially the consultation is always free. I never charge anyone to meet and if we agree to go forward, the agreement is I will put up all my money and risk all my time and if I recover money for my clients they pay me a percentage of what I recover. If I don’t recover that money, if we lose the case, if it doesn’t work out I never go back and tell my clients you owe me money. So it is literally a no-risk contract on my client’s part. I need to win in order to get paid.”