Loewy Client Review

Adam Loewy is obsessed with delivering top-notch customer service. Unlike other lawyers, he is actively involved in every case he handles and is always available to talk. As a result of this dedication, he has more 5 Star Avvo reviews than any other personal injury lawyer in Austin.  If you wish to talk to any of our former clients, we will be happy to put you in touch.


Austin Woman Attacked by Neighbor’s Dog

“Adam Loewy is the best attorney for many reasons! He initially took my call and listened to me for almost an hour as I told him how I was viciously attacked by my neighbors wolf hybrid. He was very attentive and caring during the entire conversation and immediately gave me excellent advice on what to do next. He made sure that I saw the best medical providers to care for me after my injury and checked in on me after I had surgery. Not for one minute did I ever feel alone or worry about what to expect during this trying time that lasted almost 2 years of my life. He fought very hard to ensure that I received the top settlement to compensate me for my multiple lifelong injuries. I really owe him my sanity during this time and just for being a wonderful caring human. I will forever sing his praises. Laura his paralegal is fantastic too!!” — J.A.

Austin Woman Hit by a Car While Running

“Hire Adam Loewy.

I was recently struck by a car going 30 mph while jogging in my neighborhood and lived, but not without injury. Thankfully, I knew Adam Loewy from his generous charity work in the community and called him to handle my case. He called me back immediately from his personal cell phone and stepped right in to handle the case.

Adam is a true professional and has a huge heart. Not only did he work hard to get things done, he was always concerned about my well-being and healing process. He has many connections and made several referrals to me during my recovery. I was able to connect with incredible doctors and therapists who were integral in my healing process.

Professionally, what I appreciated is his direct and honest communication in how the process would unfold and kept my expectations realistic in terms of timing and potential monetary compensation. He never made promises he couldn’t keep. His work ethic is unmatched, he does everything he can do on the behalf of his client to get the best outcome possible. He had to deal with some very difficult situations and rose to the occasion every time.

I’m not going to say the process was easy, it was stressful and hard, but Adam never wavered and made the experience as comfortable for me as possible, while taking care of business. Adam is connected in this town – he knows who to call, he knows how to get it done, and for me, he closed my case not only in less time than I thought possible, but for more compensation that I expected. I highly recommend Adam Loewy and would re-hire him again without a second thought.” – J.L.


Austin Child Injured in Daycare Accident

“Adam was amazing in helping us settle a claim for our son who sustained a bad injury from a freak accident at daycare. It was a very delicate situation for us and he never once pressured us to do anything we weren’t comfortable with. He made the entire process so easy and we were very happy with the result. From our first meeting with him we knew he was the guy to help us! He is so caring, personable and knowledgeable. If you are in need of a personal injury attorney please make sure you call Adam! He is hands down the best out there!” – L.R.

Austin Woman Injured in Car Crash

“My husband and I had an incredible experience working w/ Adam and his paralegal, Laura, for my personal accident case. It was so overwhelming trying to be in recovery for my broken arm at the same time I was getting the run around from the at-fault driver’s junk insurance company. Adam and Laura provided me peace of mind during that difficult time and they ensured that I received everything I was owed, going above and beyond with me as their client. As someone who works for a nonprofit organization, I am also very impressed by Adam’s commitment to philanthropy and how he shows up for so many important causes. He is a true gem in the Austin community.” – A.K.


Austin Woman T-boned in Car Accident

“I was out doing errands one beautiful Saturday fall morning when a guy didn’t stop at a stop sign; rather he t-boned my car spinning it around and rendering it undriveable. I thought I was okay, but over the next several months found myself feeling worse and worse. Daily headaches made it increasingly difficult for me to make it through the day. I went from doctor to doctor and treatment to treatment until finally someone suggested that my troubles might be a consequence of that accident. A friend recommended that I give Adam Loewy a call. From the beginning Adam was understanding and supportive. He took time to listen and make a case against the other driver. He also referred me to additional specialists who were able to correctly diagnose and remediate what turned out to be a neck problem. Adam and Laura were great to work with – always responsive and on top of the case. In addition, they are great negotiators and extremely knowledgeable about insurance-related issues. I am grateful to have had access to such competent professionals and would highly recommend the Loewy Law Firm to anyone who has been hit by a negligent driver.” – L.J.

An Austin Man injured in a Burn Incident

“I initially had another attorney working on my case, but felt like the communication and dedication was lacking somewhat on his part. On the advice of a friend, I searched this site and discovered Loewy Law firm. I called and spoke to Laura, who immediately put some of my anxieties to ease. She set up an appointment to come down and discuss my case in person and listened carefully as I described the accident I was in. They were very clear in communicating how they would proceed and what they might expect in this particular case. They didn’t try to give me any false expectations and made sure I was coping ok with continued medical treatment, and eased a lot of the anxiety I was feeling over the case. I had a strong sense that both Adam and Laura had my best interests at heart throughout. They worked hard to quickly reach a settlement to help me move on with my life, and I couldn’t be happier with the service and result that was reached. I didn’t expect such a dedicated and personal touch from a law firm. Great credit to Adam and Laura, they are superb.” – B.W.

An Austin Woman Injured in a Car Crash

“I was injured in June 2015 and required emergency surgery to implant a metal rod and nine screws to repair a broken right arm. As I was recovering and discussing my injury with a family friend who is an attorney, I asked her if she could recommend a few personal injury attorney’s so that I could start the process of seeking representation. She said if you want the best there is only “one” you need to contact and that is Adam Loewy! I will forever be grateful for her recommendation. She was right, I only needed to meet with Adam once to realize that he was the right attorney for the job. He told me up front this would be a complicated case, it was not a slam dunk, it would take time, but he was up to the challenge. Adam and his team were awesome. After two mediations he managed to negotiate a settlement that was best for all of us. I highly recommend the Law Office of Adam Loewy and know you are getting a lawyer that only takes on cases that he can handle one on one! He will text, call, and email you personally to keep you updated on your case. I can tell you from experience now, that Adam is well regarded for his knowledge and ability to handled all the roadblocks thrown one’s way! Thanks Adam Loewy!” – M.M.

Austin Mother and Daughter in Horrible Auto Accident

“We highly recommend Adam.

My daughter and I were in a horrible accident near our house. We both sustained very serious injuries with her getting the worst ones. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and lived through horrible pain and trauma. We contacted Adam online and his paralegal immediately, within minutes, responded and they both came to see us at the hospital.

Adam and his team were open and honest about our situation which we appreciated because hospital bills and insurance issues are very confusing. He updated us regularly and always answered any questions we had. Even when they were repeated.

More important than the extreme professionalism we received, was the genuine care for my daughter and me during this time.
Adam and his team always were honest about our legal situation and we received a very fair settlement which takes care of my daughter’s future. Even after the settlement, he helped us negotiate fees with doctors for my daughter’s future surgery and helped negotiate fees with the medical insurance. From what I have heard from others, this is not the norm.

Adam went above expectation, were professional and knowledgable and throughout the entire process it was obvious their hard work came from genuine care for my daughter and me.

We thank Adam and his entire team, in particular his paralegal, for their hard work and care. They have made a huge impact on our lives and healing during this rough time.” – C.S.


An Austin Woman Badly Injured in a Car Crash

“Clearly, Adam Loewy is the most impressive attorney we have ever met. He is an expert in personal injury law and demonstrated complete command of the facts regarding our case. In injury cases, we have learned, it is all about the details – complex details – details with lots of moving parts. Adam designed a strategy that addressed the complexities and presented the clarified results in such away that all parties agreed to his suggested outcome. Through his exemplary communication skills, he kept us informed regarding the proceeding and his advice steered us clear of potential case issues. When Adam faced obstacles/questions of law outside his area of expertise – he did not pretend to know those areas of law. He referred us to another gifted attorney to handle that part of the case. However, the referral was not enough for Adam. He remained engaged in the legal process ensuring that nothing fell between the cracks.

What sets Adam apart from the field of personal injury lawyers is his ability to deeply care about his client’s well being. His phone calls never started with updates to the case. It always started with”… how is your wife doing? Is she getting any better”? You can tell from initial meeting with Adam – he cares. He wants nothing more than the very best outcome for you.

You will never regret hiring Adam Loewy as your attorney and making him a member of your family.”

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An Austin Woman Ran Over by a Car

“When my wife was hit by a car (actually run over in a parking garage) we were expecting to break even with the bills and added expenses. It turned out that we might have had to pay a lot of money up front after our final bill due to infight between multiple types of insurances and the bill came to more than $150,000 for multiple surgeries and hospital stays. Once we retained Adam and his wonderful legal team to deal with our claim, all the insurance companies wanted their cut. In less than 6 months (which is much sooner than expected). Adam and his team actually pushed for us to receive a larger lump sum payment and not have to worry about any future bills. So we got money in our pockets and didn’t have to deal with all the bills.

After Adam took our case I never once had to deal with any of the bills or multiple companies trying to lobby/bill us the max amount. He pushed and got the absolute best results possible. It sucks we had to deal with the whole situation, but Adam really made things much less stressful.

Adam is a no nonsense kind of person that will be honest and straight forward with you. If you want someone that is going to tell you up front all the possibilities and actually work for his earned (I do mean eared) money, I would highly recommend Adam Loewy. My only regret is that we did not have the million dollar policy to get even more money out of the settlement.
Again, we are very happy with the outcome! If we ever need a personal injury Layer, we will make sure we work with Adam again.”

An Austin Mother Whose Daughter was Hurt

“Adam Loewy and his entire team are a class act. Not only did Adam get the desired settlement for us, he did it in the most respectful and gentle way. The events that led to the case were extremely difficult for my family and he could not have been more sensitive. And when we went to court to finalize the settlement, all of the lawyers and judges with whom we interacted had so much respect for Adam. He is strong, smart, personable and an incredible advocate for his clients. I’ll always be so appreciative that he took on our case.”