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Were you injured in a boating accident in Austin? Did someone else’s reckless or careless actions cause you harm? If so, Austin boating accident attorney Adam Loewy wants to hear from you. He has been serving accident victims just like you for over 15 years, and Adam and his team are here to make sure your voice is heard.

Causes of Boating Accidents

austin boating accident lawyerThere are over 600,000 boats registered in the state of Texas, and for many, boating is a relaxing hobby or a fun activity. It should never be forgotten, however, that failure to follow safety guidelines and risky behavior can lead to serious injury and even death.

  • Boating Under the Influence: Even when a boat driver has minimal alcohol or a small amount of drugs, prescription or otherwise, in their system, their judgment could be sufficiently impaired to cause an accident.
  • Driver Inexperience: An amateur driver with little experience on the water does not know how to recognize potential dangers or respond to hazardous situations.
  • Reckless Behavior: Drivers who operate boats at high speeds and perform daring maneuvers put their passengers and other boaters or swimmers in risk of danger. Such drivers are less likely to notice individuals swimming in the water, stationary objects in the way of their vessel, or boats converging into their paths.
  • Inadequate Maintenance: Should a boat owner fail to maintain their boat and its systems properly, mechanical failure could cause a collision with another boat or person on the water.
  • Intoxicated Boating: Drunk driving is most commonly associated with car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, but each year countless injuries and deaths occur in the United States because of boat drivers who are intoxicated. Texas enforces the Boating While Intoxicated law, and any boat driver with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or greater will be arrested.

Boating can be dangerous when drivers are negligent, and very serious damage can result. If you or someone you love was hurt because of an accident on the water, an Austin personal injury lawyer can fight for your rights.

Compensation After an Austin Boating Accident

Water accidents are disastrous and tragic, but you do not have to suffer in silence. Our firm is dedicated to representing Texans who have been injured or killed because of drowning or other injuries caused by the wrongful and negligent behavior of others. A boating accident can have painful, irreversible effects on everyday life, and those who caused personal injury or wrongful death in your family must be brought to justice.

At Loewy Law Firm, we understand that oftentimes the damage is felt most severely long after the accident, when you are left with thousands of dollars in medical bills, missed wages, and sometimes the inability to live a normal life. You need an aggressive and skilled advocate who will stand for you before the court and fight for your right to compensation.

Boating Under the Influence Accidents

boating accident lawyer in austin texasApproximately one-third of all recreational boating fatalities are connected to alcohol use. According to the U.S. Coast Guard Boating Safety Division, boating under the influence (BUI) is just as dangerous as drunk driving. In fact, the Coast Guard says that boat operators are likely to become impaired faster than motorists. Although the legal consequences for BUI include fines, serious jail sentences, and revocation of boating privileges, BUI remains a consistent threat to the well-being of innocent people across the United States.

Federal BUI laws pertain to all watercraft – including canoes, rowboats, and other recreational vessels. Alcohol impairment affects your ability to make reasonable decisions, balance, or coordinate body movement. BUI is dangerous because these functions (judgment, balance, coordination) are needed to safely operate even the smallest vessel. Motion, engine noise, vibration, wind, and other environmental factors tend to heighten the operator’s impairment, making BUI even more dangerous than drunk driving in some situations.

How to Avoid BUI Accidents and Injuries

Boat operators can take steps to help avoid BUI-related accidents, injuries, and deaths. The U.S. Coast Guard Suggests bringing plenty of food and water on boating trips to avoid fatigue, dehydration, and other factors that could accelerate the effects of alcohol. Additionally, the Coast Guard encourages boat operators to consume cool drinks – such as iced tea, water, lemonade, soda, and non-alcoholic beer.

Boat operators and passengers should always wear clothing that allows them to stay cool on the water and limit the amount of time they spend on the water. If you are planning a boating trip and want to consume alcohol, consider eating and drinking on the shore or dock before you operate the boat. Allow at least an hour for each alcoholic beverage that you consume before driving a car or operating a boat.

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