Austin Railroad Accident Lawyer

Victims who are injured on hit by a train should consult with an Austin railroad accidents lawyer. Train collisions and other accidents aboard a railroad can be deadly. Surviving family of victims should also pursue a case for compensation for the loss of their loved ones.

The Loewy Law Firm staff are familiar with the laws regarding railroad accident liability. Adam Loewy has dedicated his career to fighting for victims who have been hurt. Call now to schedule a free case evaluation and learn about your options for pursuing compensation. Our attorney will be there for you at every step of your railroad accident case and will answer questions including:

  • Who can be held responsible for railroad accidents?
  • What kinds of compensation can you receive after an accident with a train?
  • How can an Austin railroad accidents lawyer help you?

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Railroad Accidents?

Austin railroad accident lawyerTrains in the United States travel more than 1.5 million miles every day. Some of these trains are operated by private companies while others, like Amtrak trains, are operated by government-affiliated entities. Railroad operators are expected to operate trains safely, while those who maintain tracks have a duty to ensure no harm comes to riders or surrounding motorists.

Unfortunately, railroad operators and others involved in train operations are sometimes negligent in fulfilling their duties. When this happens, those whose actions or inactions caused railroad accidents can be held accountable to victims. Passengers aboard a train can pursue legal action when they are harmed by negligence or intentional wrongdoing. The same rights applies to those who are struck by trains.

When the trains and tracks are operated by government entities, legal action can be complicated due to sovereign immunity rules. An Austin railroad accidents lawyer at Loewy Law Firm knows how to pursue cases against government agencies and private entities. We will fight for your rights to be compensated.

What Kinds of Compensation Can You Receive After an Accident with a Train?

Victims of railroad accidents should be fully compensated for losses and damages both economic and non-financial. When a train crash is deadly, surviving family members should receive compensation for losses including loss of companionship and loss of the deceased’s income.

A law in 1997 called the Amtrak Reform and Accountability Act (ARAA) imposed some aggregate limits on compensation for train accidents. It is important for victims to understand their rights and to be aggressive in showing the extent of their losses after an incident with a train occurs. Loewy Law Firm knows how state and federal laws apply to protect and provide for train crash victims. We’ll be aggressive in helping you seek full compensation after a railroad accident.

How Can an Austin Railroad Accidents Lawyer Help?

An Austin railroad accidents lawyer can help you determine who to hold accountable, how to file your case, and how to prove your right to compensation. Loewy Law Firm will stand up to the government and big companies. We will fight for a fair out-of-court settlement or go to court on your behalf to try and get you the money you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you.