The Lawsuit Process

“Hi, I’m Adam Loewy. A lot of my potential clients ask me, how does the lawsuit process work? The first answer I give them is, it’s not like television. The case is not over at the end of the hour. Here’s what happens in a civil lawsuit: we first file the lawsuit and the defendant, the person who has hurt you, has 20 days to answer the lawsuit. Once they answer the lawsuit, we then begin a period called Discovery. In Discovery, just like the word connotes, we get to discover the other side’s information and they get to discover our information.

The first thing we do is ask them written questions. We ask them, how did the accident occur? Things like that. They get to ask us questions like, what are your injuries like? Or, how do you believe the accident occurred? After the written questions are done, we then take Depositions. This is where people come to my office, they’re put under oath and lawyers ask questions about what happened. You will go through a deposition, which I will prepare you for, and you will tell the other side what happened and what you are going through. I, likewise, will ask the other side what happened in their opinion.

After this part is over, the lawsuit then goes to a Mediation. That is where the parties come together and attempt to work out a settlement. Upwards of 98% of cases that are filed are settled without going to trial. This generally occurs at Mediation. If mediation or settlement talks don’t work, we then go to trial.

So, in summary, now that you know how the process works, that’s where I come in. You need a lawyer to walk you through the process. You need a lawyer to fight for you during the process. That’s what I do. Please do not hesitate to give me a call. Time is of the essence, do not delay. Please call me today and let’s set up a free consultation to talk about your lawsuit.”