Choosing Your Attorney

“I really think the first thing people need to look for is the track record. At the end of the day, people are hiring a lawyer to get them a result. And the truth is, just like any profession, whether it doctors, accountants, CPA’s, or lawyers there are good lawyers and there are bad lawyers. When you look at my track record, I have had a great deal of success recovering money for my clients because I know what I am doing. I work very hard on my cases. I put a lot of money into my cases and I know what it takes strategically to get the case settle. I think track record is the first thing that people need to look for.

The second thing is, they need to have a lawyer that they get along with, that they like. And I think that’s where customer service comes in. I simply do not understand why anyone would hire a lawyer that they do not meet in person, that does not call them back, that is removed from their case. That’s why at my firm, I am very close with my clients. A lot of law firms out there, you’re never going to see the actual lawyer. You will be dealing with a support staff, a first-year lawyer, a paralegal. At my firm, you deal with me. I sit, in person, with my prospective clients and I talk to them about the process, answer all of their questions and when we sign them up I always make sure to give them my cell phone number. I tell them text me whenever, call me whenever. I am there for them. I think that really distinguishes me from other lawyers in town and it allows me to build very meaningful relationships with my clients.”