Which Breed of Dog Is Most Likely to Bite?

The truth of the matter is this: Any dog with or without teeth has the ability to bite. When threatened, it is reasonable that a dog will lash out. When choosing a breed for your family or deciding which dogs you will freely offer your hand to and which you won’t, knowing the breeds that are most likely to bite is important. Here is a quick rundown.

1. Chihuahua

They may look small and innocent, but a Chihuahua can pack a big punch when frightened. Their tiny, sharp teeth can easily puncture the skin. This breed is not aggressive by nature but it is fiercely loyal. You can bet that if its owner feels threatened by you, the dog does, too.

2. Bulldogs

Bulldogs of the English variety are on the list of most likely to bite even though they are typically gentle and sweet. Like any bully breed, this dog can be hard-headed and determined. Without proper training, they are likely to react to anything they deem as a threat.

3. Pit Bull

Most people will not run into a fighting pit bull, but they will run into one that is incredibly loyal to their family. They will also run into pit bulls who don’t like other animals. If you encounter a pit bull that you are unfamiliar with, be sure that you understand how to read canine body language. These dogs are often misinterpreted and bite only after giving several warnings.

4. German Shepherds

This breed of dog is highly intelligent but can be very aggressive. When untrained, German Shepherds act of their own will, and that will can be a dangerous one. There is a reason that these dogs are used for law enforcement and military work — you don’t want to be at the receiving end of a bite from a German Shepherd.

5. Australian Shepherd

Rounding out our list is the Australian Shepherd. These dogs are typically gentle, but they are also very active and strong willed. A herding dog, this breed can get overly nippy when they are not trained properly.

As we said, any dog can bite. Any dog will bite if it feels threatened and has nowhere to run. Before purchasing or adopting a dog for your family, do a fair amount of research. Your family is not suitable for every single breed of dog there is.

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