How Education Level Affects Accident Rates

car wreck suv sedanIn recent years, traffic fatalities in the United States have been on the decline. It’s thanks to auto innovation and regulation. Perhaps strangest, perhaps, is the fact that those who are considered to be disadvantaged are more likely to die in car crashes than those who are wealthy or well-off. But why?

According to researchers who published a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, road safety has not been evenly shared. The declines in traffic fatalities have been primarily among the most educated among us. For those who are over 25 years of age and lacking a high school diploma, fatality rates have climbed.

It shouldn’t be inferred that having a college degree makes you a safer driver. What we do know, thanks to research, is that the least educated tend to own older vehicles, the number of trauma centers in poor communities has declines, and poor communities often lack road improvements.

When it comes to behavioral differences, the waters become a bit murky. There are some studies out there that show the less-educated do not use seat belts as frequently as those with higher educations. Those who are less well-off may consume more alcohol, putting themselves in a higher drinking and driving bracket.

When we consider that things like multiple airbags, cars that brake for us, and vehicles that will even drive for us, we must consider that these technologies will only be affordable to a certain segment of the population. This does not often include those who have not prospered as the result of higher education.

So, no. Being poor does not make you a bad driver. Being rich does not make you a good driver. But being poor may mean that you have less access to things like well-paved roads, hospitals and the latest in vehicle safety technology.

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