What Can You Sue for in a Car Accident?

The uniqueness of each case requires the oversight of a legal professional to determine exactly which damages apply, however, the following are the categories, both economic and non-economic, that apply to personal injury/vehicle accidents:

Medical Expenses

  • All costs of medical intervention – surgeries, therapies, treatments – attributed to the accident

Property Damage

  • All costs associated with damage to your vehicle and personal property

Lost Earnings

  • Money lost due to time away from work caused by issues related to the accident

Future Lost Income

  • All income which will be hampered due to ongoing medical therapies and interventions, or you will be completely incapacitated and unable to work

Estimated Future Medical Expenses

  • All money to be attributed to ongoing, long-term treatment including surgeries, medical visits, physical and occupational therapies, etc.

Loss of Consortium

  • This is a non-economic claim that is suffered by the spouse or loved-one of the victim whereby there is a loss of love, affection, comfort, or physical relations specifically due to the accident. Usually, these claims apply only if the injured party dies or suffers an enduring injury, such as amputation, paralysis or incontinence.