How Do I Report a Car Accident?

Your first call should always be made to 911 in an attempt to get an officer on scene. The officer will complete a police report and all involved parties will receive or can request a copy within days of the accident.

There are occasions when an officer is unavailable, or the officer determines that there is no bodily injury and the damage does not exceed $1,000. In these instances, parties involved in the accident are required to complete Texas Department of Transportation Form CR-2 also known as the Blue Form.

The driver of a motor vehicle involved in a crash not investigated by a law enforcement officer and resulting in injury to or death of any person, or damage to the property of any one person, including himself, to any apparent extent of at least $1,000 must complete and submit the form within 10 days of the incident. The form includes the following fields and must be completed in its entirety:

  • Location: if the City or Town field is not completed, the form will be deemed incomplete and returned to you
  • Date: the specific month, day, and year of the crash are required for the form to be considered complete and accepted by the Department of Transportation.
  • Vehicles: accurate vehicle information and identifying information for all drivers involved in the crash
  • Damage to Property: this field is specific to damages to property other than the vehicles involved in the crash, i.e., signage, buildings, benches, etc.
  • Injuries: The names, contact information, and types of injuries sustained by those involved in the accident are required on the form, including whether or not the injured person was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.
  • Driver’s Statement: Describe how the accident occurred. The state asks that pictures not be included in the statement.
  • Signature: The driver is to sign, date, and submit the document.

Note that drivers must make a copy of the form to keep for their records prior to submitting the original to the state.