Austin Daycare Negligence Lawyer

If your child suffered an injury at a daycare, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. To learn more, contact an Austin daycare negligence lawyer at Loewy Law Firm today. We can help you recover the money your child needs and deserves.

When it comes to children, accidents are unavoidable. Slips, falls, scrapes and bruises can be an everyday occurrence for toddlers and young children. Serious child injuries, though, are unacceptable and can be avoided through proper supervision and attention to safety guidelines. Sometimes, childcare providers fail to follow standard safety precautions, resulting in serious injury or death.

Types of Childcare Provider Negligence

Daycare providers cannot guarantee the absolute safety of a child – some accidents are avoidable. However, childcare providers are responsible to make sure that children avoid preventable and serious injuries. For example, a childcare facility should be fenced so that young children cannot run into the street; children should always be supervised when using play equipment to avoid falls; and young children should not be allow to play with small items to avoid choking. If a childcare provider fails to provide supervision to avoid these accidents, they may be held liable for any injuries sustained by a child. To learn more about liability in child injury cases, speak with an experienced Austin injury attorney.

Poorly-Trained Employees

Poorly-trained employees can be a serious threat to your child’s health and wellbeing. Your daycare provider is responsible to hire competent, attentive, and well-trained staff members to make sure that each child receives the care and attention that he/she needs and deserves. A daycare could negligently hire an incompetent staff member and place children in danger. If your child was injured because a daycare employee was not properly trained, contact an Austin child injury attorney today to learn more about your legal options.

Understaffed Daycares

Understaffed daycares are another hazard to your child’s safety. Accidents can happen in a moment. If a child is left unattended for a matter of seconds, he/she could be involved in a serious accident. That’s why daycares should have enough staff members to watch all of the children at all times. A childcare provider might try to save money by hiring less employees than is absolutely necessary. This is places unsupervised children in danger and is unacceptable.

Negligent Daycare Employees

Negligent daycare employees are one of the most direct threats to the safety of your child when he/she is under the supervision of a childcare facility. Unlike poorly-trained staff members, negligent employees consciously leave children in danger and fail to provide proper care – even if they have been trained to do otherwise. Negligent childcare providers may:

  • Leave children unsupervised
  • Allow small children to play with choking hazards
  • Leave babies with unchanged diapers
  • Fail to feed children
  • Allow children to play on broken play equipment

Dangerous or Broken Toys and Play Equipment

Dangerous or broken toys and play equipment is another common daycare provider hazard. Dangerous toys and play equipment can result in broken bones, falls, cuts, crush injuries, and suffocation. Young children may try to swallow small pieces of broken toys and choke, while old or unstable play equipment could collapse underneath children as they play. Daycare providers should never allow children to play with dangerous toys and may be held responsible for any injuries that children suffer because of them.

Experienced Austin Daycare Injury Attorney

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