Austin Liability Lawyer

When filing a personal injury claim, liability means determining who is responsible for causing the injury by either willful wrong actions or negligence to prevent potential harm. The liable party is dependent upon the circumstances of the incident, and considers where and how the accident occurred. A drunk driver who veers into oncoming traffic and collides with another is responsible for damages and injury because of their choice to drink and the fact that the other driver did not contribute to the accident.

In other cases, the victim may have been involved in the accident, but is still not at fault for their injuries. If a child receives severe dog bite wounds after attempting to pet a neighbor’s dog, the owner could be liable for the child’s injuries because they failed to take precautions to protect others from the pet’s potential violence, such as keeping the dog inside or fenced within the backyard.

Determining liability in a personal injury claim can be complicated, but if negligent or reckless behavior of one person led to the serious injury or death of another, the victim may be entitled to compensation. If your family was victimized by the wrongful actions of another, it is important that you consult an Austin personal injury attorney about your case. If you are awarded for damages, your settlement will be dependent upon the situation in which you were injured, the extent and severity of your injuries, and your ability to prove the defendant’s liability.

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