7 Ways to Safely Celebrate the Year’s Most Dangerous Holidays


It’s the most dangerous time of the year, according to a study by the National Safety Council that predicts nearly 30,000 auto accidents and more than 250 deaths over Christmas and New Year’s. There is no need to put a damper on holiday cheer because of this, just follow these 7 safety tips and bring on the eggnog!

1. Party on, but don’t drive. Download the RideFinder app on your smartphone or go to SoberRides.org – after the disco, simply open it up and choose between “Call a Cab”, “Phone a Friend”, “Walk”, and even “Limo.” When you wake up the next morning, your only regret will be deciding on the limo.

2. Follow #SoberRide on Twitter. Make it a thing. Share it with your friends and family. Spread the responsible holiday cheer.

3. Use Uber and Lyft to hop around between parties and family gatherings. This will save you the headache of Austin parking as well as give you a good excuse for showing up to the family potluck sans side dish.

4. Volunteer as the designated driver. This may not sound fun, but consider this: you won’t tell embarrassing secrets (you’ll just hear and collect others’) and you’ll look amazing all season thanks to your ability to wake up early for that workout and make mindful eating decisions. For more on this, check out our friends at Fé Fit.

5. Make sure your car is tuned up. Look at “Top 10 Tips for Safe Winter Driving in Austin” for an easy checklist.

6. If you’re the driver, keep your speed down. Give yourself the space to react to traffic and let impatient or aggressive holiday drivers pass you. You’ll feel more zen and be in control of the situation.

7. Use a hands free device to navigate and call. Like us on Facebook to stay tuned for a special Loewy Law Firm giveaway – just in time for the new hands-free law going into effect January 1.