Adam Loewy Featured in Austin MD Magazine

Adam Loewy was featured in the premiere health and medical community magazine in Austin – Austin MD. The article is a snapshot of how our firm helps clients and gives back to the community. You can read the full piece below.

Adam Loewy

Practicing law differently sets this attorney apart

by Jon Black

“We focus on leaving a legacy in our clients’ lives,” says Attorney Adam Loewy. “We aren’t just here to work a personal injury case. We help our clients any way we can whether it’s medical care, counseling or anything else. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have health insurance. We get them the care they need.”

In the decade since establishing the Loewy Law Firm in Austin, he has earned a reputation for taking on challenging and high profile cases and helping his clients secure the care, dignity and compensation they deserve. Readers may be most familiar with his work through the widely covered 2014 case of Noe Niño de Rivera, a Bastrop teenager who sustained brain injuries after being tased at school. In addition to securing a settlement for Noe, Loewy helped facilitate state-of-the-art rehabilitation treatment for the young man.

For Loewy, this holistic approach to meeting clients’ needs is not only one of the defining features of his firm; it is also an essential part of a good personal injury practice. He admits clients are sometimes surprised by the approach. “They think we’re just here for the legal part.” But he’s seen the big-picture approach pay off in many ways. “It creates a good attorney-client relationship, it helps them substantially and it even helps with the lawsuit and getting them the compensation they deserve.”

Working with clients in such depth requires time and attention from Loewy and his team. He enjoys getting to know his clients as people and being available to them. For those reasons, he is extremely selective about the cases he accepts. “I’m focused on people who are in very serious catastrophic injury situations who really need my help,” he says. As a result, Loewy only handles 10 to 15 cases at any time, which he feels differentiates him from many other personal injury attorneys, some of whom may have hundreds of active cases at once.

Loewy works diligently to build respectful and trusting relationships between his firm and Austin’s medical community. He views those relationships as essential both for the success of the firm and ensuring his clients get the care they deserve. “You have a lot of clients out there who are poor and have no insurance. Say they’ve been injured and need a shoulder surgery. It’s understandable that a doctor doesn’t want to do the surgery for free or to bill Medicare or Medicaid and receive ten cents on the dollar,” he describes. But, because of the relationships and trust Loewy has built, he can tell doctors that money will be recovered in the case and they will treat the patient immediately—confident they will be paid in full when the case is concluded.

His ability to get Noe Niño de Rivera the immediate rehabilitation care he needed while the case was still pending is an example of the power of these relationships to make a tangible difference for clients. More recently, Loewy was able to help a client who suffered extensive facial injures as a result of being hit by a drunk driver get fast-tracked for maxillofacial surgery. “That’s a win-win-win for everyone. The clients get needed care, doctors get to do their job and get paid in full and we get to help clients recover the money they deserve.”

“I come from a science family,” Loewy says, explaining the very personal perspective he brings to his work with the medical community. “My father is a professor of neuroanatomy and my mother was a virology researcher.” Loewy holds doctors and health care professionals in very high regard and views working with them as an honor and pleasure, not just part of a case.

Loewy received his JD from the University of Texas School of Law. After graduation, he spent six months practicing corporate bankruptcy law in Dallas and quickly discovered that specialty was not his passion. Moving back to Austin, he fulfilled his lifelong dream of opening his own legal practice. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We’re going to continue being one of the leading personal injury firms in Austin. I want to get to the point were I am the ‘go to’ firm for any Austin citizen who has been injured or has had a loved one killed as the result of someone’s negligence,” Loewy says, laying out his vision for the future of the firm. “We’re very proud of what we do. We’re very proud of who we can help. I know how much good we’ve done for past clients and it gives me great pride to know how much we help people.”

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