Adam Loewy Speaks to Texas Bar CLE

Adam Loewy and top Austin attorneys David Courreges and D. Todd Smith led a panel on law firm media and advertising that highlighted humorous anecdotes and giving back to the community.

Since starting his own firm 10 years ago, Adam Loewy has distinguished himself as one of the top trial lawyers in the state of Texas. Adam’s Austin-based practice has been very successful: in part because of the good business practices behind it. This includes innovative and smart marketing practices.

In a speech to the Texas Bar CLE program last Friday, Adam, alongside a panel of some of Austin’s premiere attorneys, outlined some of these practices. The speech covered the ethics and legality of advertising alongside methods of outreach, social media smarts, and community building practices.

One of the most interesting things we come across during personal injury cases is social media profiles. Adam Loewy talked about one of the more shocking profiles we have come across: one that ended up being a significant part of the final settlement. Our client was struck by a boat driven by a youth who, with blatant disregard for common standards of privacy and tact, had a Twitter feed rife with vulgarity, references to drugs and drinking, statements about illegal activities, poor grammar, and a general attitude of disdain for authority and law enforcement. Needless to say, this would not bode well with a jury and it made our client’s case that much more compelling. Good marketing works both ways – it is very important to consider what message you are sending to the world online.

In another part of the panel, Adam Loewy spoke about one of our firm’s core foundations–giving back to the Austin Community. Good marketing and advertising is ultimately an outcropping of genuinely being a part of your community. It means donating to the organizations who help Texans daily. Our Austin law firm supports the Capital Area Food Bank, Austin Pets Alive!, the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin, and LIVESTRONG, among others.

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Photo Left to Right: D. Todd Smith, David Courreges, Adam Loewy

Adam Loewy Speech