Austin Crashes Attributed to Wrong-Way Drivers

AUSTIN, TEXASWilliam Marsden recently told reporters at KXAN that he can hear car horns throughout the day from his home in West Campus. Why? Because nearby is Rio Grande, a one-way street. People turn onto the street the wrong way frequently because they are unfamiliar with the area and the signage is difficult to see.

“I think there are some inattentive drivers, but also a lack of signage,” Marsden told reporters.

The problem is not unique to Austin. The Texas Department of Transportation is currently conducting a study on the best way to keep drivers on the correct side of the state’s roadways.

As late as Friday morning, a driver was killed after driving the wrong-way on West Ben White Boulevard. The latest accident follows a similar one that occurred just four years ago. Both accidents happened close to the Lamar intersection. According to drivers familiar with the area, the intersection can be a confusing one.

KXAN employees found several wrong-way signs on exit ramps along West Ben White Boulevard, but found no signs where Friday’s accident occurred. In data put together by TxDOT, it is shown that 52 wrong-way crashes have occurred in Austin since 2014. Alcohol and drugs were contributing factors in more than half of those accidents.

While the majority of crashes in Austin were in the downtown area, 22 were on the city’s highways.

It is suggested that if you are unfamiliar with downtown and the surrounding highways that you consult a map prior to driving through Austin. Signage can be lacking in some areas, and it is very easy to travel the wrong-way on any number of roads. Keeping yourself and other drivers safe is your responsibility.

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