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Diving for Golf Balls Poses Risk

AUSTIN, TX – A man died while diving for golf balls at a local golf course was identified last week. According to reports, Wayne Douglas Kuehn, Jr., 48, drowned while diving for the balls at a Hutton golf course.

Kuehn was known to dive for golf balls, selling them for $1 a piece. He was on the golf course illegally the night that he drowned. The accident is still being investigated, and authorities are trying to determine whether or not alcohol played a factor in the man’s death. Divers searched for Kuehn’s body but were unable to continue due to temperatures and low visibility in the water.

The man was found the following morning in a pond near the 11th hole.

According to family members, Kuehn was a father, a husband and a coach. He was an artist and a musician and had a love for adventure. He was born in Houston, eventually moving to Austin to pursue a career at IBM and, later, Canon USA.

The family released a statement of thanks to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.

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