Food Poisoning – A Fatal Danger

The Loewy Law Firm has recently filed suit on behalf of an Austin man who contracted a dangerous form of food poisoning at a nationally known chain restuarant. Our client spent ten (10) days in intensive care and almost died. The specific food poisoning our client contracted was Shigella, which is bacteria closely related to E Coli and Salmonella.

Shigella is often transmitted by employees at restaurants not washing their hands before they handle the food. Insufficient data exist, but conservative estimates suggest that Shigella causes approximately 90 million cases of severe dysentery with at least 100,000 of these resulting in death each year, mostly among children in the developing world.

In order to avoid contracting this bacteria, you should only eat at restaurants with Grade A Health Department ratings and make a conscious effort to determine if the restaurant appears clean. Food poisoning is a very serious and our client was very lucky to have survived this ordeal. If you have contracted a serious case of food poisoning, please contact us today.