Food Poisoning Often Leads to Wrongful Death

SalmonellaIt is alarming but not unusual to hear of food being recalled. People are told to check the dates, look for identifying bar code numbers and call 800 numbers. While it’s mildly annoying, to say the least, and a bit frightening, food recalls are meant to protect the general public. Unfortunately, there are 351,000 people who die from food poisoning around the world each year.

The World Health Organization has revealed the truth behind food-borne illnesses around the world. They have released information saying that there are millions of people across the globe becoming ill from contaminated food. The data put forth by the WHO is from 2010, but it is the latest data available. Here is some of the disturbing information:

  • There were 22 different food-borne diseases in 2010. In those 22 cases, 582 million people were affected.
  • 351,000 people died as a result of eating contaminated food.
  • Of those who died, 52,000 died from Salmonella poisoning.
  • 37,000 people died because of the bacteria E. coli.
  • Norovirus, the leading virus caused by the intake of contaminated food, killed 35,000 people.
  • 40% of the people around the globe who suffered from a food-borne disease were under the age of 5.

According to WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan, the globalization of food trade and distribution has created new opportunities for food contamination. Bacteria, chemicals, parasites and viruses are more easily introduced into the food supply.

Some of the most common ways that people become ill from food is consuming under cooked meat, eating fruits and vegetables that have been contaminated by feces, and eating shellfish filled with toxins. WHO has called for governments to work together to instill measures that protect us all against food contamination. Until these measures are put in place, people are urged to properly handle their food.

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