Hit and Run Crashes – On the Rise

KVUE news covered a tragic story regarding a young woman, Katy Palmer, and her boyfriend who were involved in a hit and run collision during South by Southwest in Austin. The driver of the car shamefully drove off and the police and Palmer’s family are actively looking for him. Palmer was killed and her boyfriend sustained a head injury.

Our law firm has seen an increase in hit and run car cases in Austin over the past 18 months. The most notable case was the Nestande case, which received enormous media coverage. The less known cases involve innnocent people like Katy Palmer.

We have had success with tracking down people who have caused hit and run collisions. Our law firm employs a second-to-none investigative team, which starts working any case the moment we are hired. If you or a loved one are dealing with a hit and run car accident, contact us immediately. It is absolutely critical to get our investigative team working on the case as soon as possible – the longer a client waits, the more likely they will never find the person who hit them.