I-35 Improvement Project Managers Ask for Community Input at Open House

If you’ve ever driven on the Austin stretch of I-35, you know the frustration inherent to even a quick trip. The highway is somehow entrenched in traffic for most of the day. Even more unnerving are the statistics that list I-35, specifically in Austin, as one of the most dangerous roads in the country.

Often, this frustration is hard to direct: who is to blame for bad traffic? Is it the influx of drivers moving in from other states? Is it the current city government? The city government ten, fifteen years ago?

Maybe, though, assigning blame isn’t the key to better roads. Instead, we need to look forward and take action. Mobility35 is an organization that aims to create and evolve projects that improve the situation. They have opened the floor to the public, asking for input, ideas, and collaboration so that projects are feasible and will address day-to-day problems.

Austinites who are interested in taking action for I-35 improvement have a few means of influence. First of all, regularly scheduled open houses bring together project managers and public input. You can also submit ideas and feedback by setting up a meeting or emailing Mobility35.

The next upcoming open house is today between 5 and 7:30 PM at Kealing Middle School. Following that, open houses are scheduled for next week: Wednesday, November 12 at Akins High School and Thursday November 13 at Frank Fickett Scout Training and Service Center.

We encourage everyone to take a stance on this important traffic issue that affects quality of life and safety on a daily basis.