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Lake Travis Teen Tragically Killed in 18-Wheeler Accident; Family May Have Grounds for Lawsuit

A heartbreaking accident occurred last Wednesday when Rainey Blaylock, a young Austin woman driving to freshman orientation at Stephen F. Austin University, pulled into the path of an 18-wheeler.

According to reports, the Webber construction company had been working on the overpass as part of an ongoing project. The company had installed a temporary flashing red light and stop sign in order to prevent disasters such as this. That night, however, the stop sign was down. Blaylock pulled forward and the driver of the 18-wheeler tried to brake, but was unable to do so in time. The young woman was wearing her seat belt but was ejected from her car and pronounced dead at the scene.

Rainey Blaylock’s family mourns her passing. Jeremy Smith, a friend, has set up a memorial fund to help cover the many expenses of this unexpected tragedy. The family may be entitled to compensation for wrongful death if the construction company is found to be at fault. Blaylock’s immediate family can file a wrongful death claim. Often, these steps can help a family cope with the emotional and financial distress of losing a loved one.

In wrongful death cases, a legal team needs to provide detailed preparation, thorough strategy, and aggressive advocacy in order to ensure full compensation and a successful outcome.

We recommend an in-depth investigation of the case. The truck driver had the right-of-way and tried to brake, however it is still important to review crash details in order to fully exonerate him. If this is the case, the Webber construction company may be held accountable for their failure to put up a temporary stop sign at this dangerous intersection. Construction companies necessarily carry large insurance policies designed to account for the dangers of the job, especially when traffic is involved. The Loewy Firm would explore all means of financial assistance and emotional compensation.

In these cases, the family can rest assured knowing that no payment is required unless the case is a success. Moving forward in this trying time can be difficult, and an experienced, powerful legal team is the best way to keep wrongdoers accountable.

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