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Law Enforcement Reports Increase in Alcohol-Related Crashes

AUSTIN, TX – A motorcyclist was killed in a crash involving a car on August 9, at the intersection of Fourth Street and Congress Avenue. The driver of the vehicle was charged with intoxication manslaughter, a second-degree felony.

As a result of the accident, Police Chief Acevedo held a press conference in conjunction with the Vision Zero Task Force and the Austin Transportation Department. The point of the press conference was to address the number of fatal crashes that have occurred this year.

According to police reports, 67 people have died in traffic accidents this year. That is double the number from the same time period last year. “This year, thus far we go 8 months into this year, this year has been one of the bloodiest years in terms of traffic safety in the history of Austin, Texas.”

Several of the crashes, according to Acevedo, have involved pedestrians. No matter whether the accident involved someone on foot or someone behind the wheel, alcohol has been a strong factor.

“We’re now doing undercover operations in the entertainment district, but again our eyes and ears are the public. If you see there’s an establishment where there’s a bad habit of a bartender or someone over serving someone as long as they have cash or credit card, let us know,” Acevedo said.

Law enforcement officials have ramped up efforts in the city in an attempt to cut down on the number of fatalities. The public is urged to find a sober ride if they choose to drink, and to report any bar that overserves.

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