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The Loewy Law Firm was established by Adam Loewy after he graduated from the University of Texas Law School, just ten years ago. It wasn’t long before his name was ranked among some of the highest in personal injury law, because of his dedication to become a skilled and experienced attorney in a short amount of time. Personal injury law is designed to help victims who have been involved in some sort of accident and received a wrongful injury, or were killed as a result of another person’s negligence. It is not uncommon that one person’s mistake or lack of attention can lead to the hurt or death of another, and while it may not have been done purposefully, lives can be affected for the worse because of it.

Although Adam has only been practicing law for ten years, he has been acknowledged by many prestigious legal organizations including Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, Texas Super Lawyers®, and more. His success as an attorney has also led him to be considered a valuable resource for legal advice from places like CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and many others. Click here to see more about his education as well as his honors and credentials. Just this week, Adam Lowey was featured in a Yahoo News article about a successful case in which his client was awarded over half of a million. This woman was hit by a dump truck and was required to have surgery for her neck problems. Our firm was able to discover that the driver was under the influence of drugs and had a history of drug charges. For an extensive list on more successful cases, some of them being worth millions of dollars, click here.


At The Loewy Law Firm we are committed to seeking not only the justice that our clients and their families deserve, but we are also committed to helping them fight for the compensation they deserve after the incident. For example, if a wife lost her husband in a drunk driving accident, not only would she have expensive funeral costs, but she will experience the stress of ages lost from both her husband and the time she had to take off. Not to mention, she would have to now support herself and her family off of a much lower income after the death of her husband. If this figurative woman were to then call a personal injury attorney our firm would be able to help her fight for the money she deserves. Unfortunately, nothing we do can bring a loved one back, but by having that extra financial cushion can make a huge difference in the coping process for the family.

Car accidents are just one among the many areas of personal injury we handle. We have also represented pedestrian accidents, drowning incidents, police brutality, dog bites, among many others. For example, police brutality is a common offense that can be made against those who are accused of a crime, and while they are called to help the public, there are circumstances in which they cause more harm than good. There are situations that call for officers of the law to use force in order to obtain a suspect, unfortunately, injuries are often caused when a police uses unnecessary force on a person when they are called to use as little as possible. For example, if an officer arrests someone and then decides to throw them forcefully against the car for a search, injuries may happen. Our firm wants to help those individuals who feel as though their rights have been violated, and who have been injured as a result.

Anther common personal injury case involves injuries to children. For example, if a family was involved in a car accident and their children were hurt as a result, we would file a claim specifically noting the hurt kids. It is also very common for dangerous products in the home to cause harm to the little ones. For example, there are some toys and baby products that have been known to be unsafe for children resulting in large quantity product recalls. Soap and other cleaning products are commonly mistaken for toys or food by children. There was a recent news article this summer that described a little girl almost dying after eating dishwasher soap because it looked like candy. The list of possibilities goes on when dealing with child injuries, though whatever the case may be, it is important for people to realize that any act of negligence may open the doors to a lawsuit or personal injury claim.

Don’t just take our word for how we can help you, clients have graciously shared their gratitude for settlements we have been able to help them receive. One father tragically lost his son in a wrongful death accident, and after settling his case he wrote to us saying “I am glad you fought as hard as you did…we really appreciate it” Click here to view more of the client testimonials. Losing a son in an accident is not only a painful and emotional time for the family, but also the pressure of the lost wages while dealing with the funeral costs and other issues can add up the stress on any family. Our firm values our clients, and we understand how sensitive some of these cases can be. Our goal is to aggressively fight for you in court, while personally coming alongside our clients with compassion and patience.

The list of possible personal injury situations is extensive, and at The Lowey Law Firm we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help our clients. If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, or have questions as to whether your situation calls for it, don’t hesitate to call us at (512) 920-5533 for more information. Our firm is located at 111 Congress Avenue #400 Austin, TX 78701, click on our Google Plus page to receive directions to our office from your home. Please consider following our firm on Facebook or Twitter to receive frequent updates on relevant legal matters and cases pertaining to personal injury. If a situation doesn’t apply to you now, you may learn something that will be useful later on for you or a loved one.

Don’t wait another moment to take legal action if you have been a victim of a wrongful injury, our firm is committed to excellence, and committed to our clients and we will do whatever we can to help you receive what is deserved. Call us today and let’s begin this fight together!