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Motorcycle Accident Brings Highway to Standstill

AUSTIN, TX – Commuting in Austin can be a nightmare before and after business hours, but traffic was at a complete standstill for hours mid-morning on Friday. I-35, just south of Austin, was a no-driving zone for hundreds as first responders and tow-trucks worked to clear an accident.

A biker, traveling with a second motorcyclist from Tennessee to San Antonio, was involved in an accident near the Kyle Parkway bridge. The pair of motorcyclists were less than 60 minutes from completing their trip. After an initial investigation, officers suggest that a car either swerved or changed lanes, coming into contact with one of the bikes. The driver lost control of his motorcycle, striking the retaining wall.

The driver of the bike was thrown over the median and into the northbound lanes: he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Both sides of the highway were closed to new traffic, but hundreds of vehicles were stuck in place. Drivers could be seen turning their cars around to get off of the interstate. Secondary roads were quickly bogged down due to increased traffic. Drivers reported commutes that normally took 10 to 15 minutes were taking approximately 90 minutes. I-35 was not reopened to new traffic until around 2 p.m.

The driver of the car was transported to the hospital with injuries that were not life threatening and was later released. There were no reports of injury to the second motorcyclist.

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