New York Times Article on Loewy Law Case

The New York Times ran another article about the Noe Nino de Rivera case, a TASER Brain Injury case that the Loewy Law Firm is handling.  The article ran after the shameful ‘No Bill’ of Randy McMillan by a Bastrop County Grand Jury.  This was a ‘dog and pony’ show grand jury process, in the sense that the Bastrop authorities never even called a single eyewitness before the Grand Jury.

We are confident the Department of Justice will conduct a more thorough investigation and we will actively pursuing a civil case in the Federal Court here in Austin.

The New York Times noted:

The police rule by fiat in the hinterlands of Texas. Given that reality, no one is surprised that a Bastrop County grand jury has declined to indict the sheriff’s deputy involved in the case of a high school student who suffered permanent brain damage last fall after being shocked with a Taser. But Adam Loewy, a veteran lawyer representing 17-year-old Noe Niño de Rivera, was particularly angry about what he described as a grand jury that “was a sham process from start to finish.” Mr. Loewy asserted in an email that prosecutors never contacted him, and never met with the victim, his parents or an eye witness.

The Times went on to call for TASERS to be outlawed in schools, something we agree with 100%.

We will continue to update the public on this important case.