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NFL Lawsuits & Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIS)

The NFL recently has been hit with hundreds of lawsuits by former players claim the NFL did not protect them enough from sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). The big question in these lawsuits will be (a) what did the NFL know and (b) when did they know it? For example, if there is evidence that the NFL knew its players were likely to sustain brain injuries but did nothing to stop it from happening, the NFL could be found liable.

The Loewy Law Firm has represented scores of clients who have sustained TBIs. A brain injury is without question one of the worst injuries a human can sustain and it can occur in a game, in a car crash or in an 18-wheeler accident. If you have sustained a TBI, you will need an Austin personal injury lawyer to help you recover compenation for medical bills and possibly help secure a future lifecare plan for future medical costs. These cases are often complicated and very expensive, and you need a personal injury lawyer likeAdam Loewy to invest money in your case and help you win. Contact the Loewy Law Firm today.