Six Injured in Houston Scaffolding Collapse

HOUSTON, TX – Drive through downtown Houston on any given day, and there is a good chance you will notice construction. Be it on the highways or on the buildings, it seems like something is always happening in the city. Sadly, what happened on Friday was not what anyone wanted to see.

Six workers were injured when a scaffolding on the side of a seven-story building collapsed. The accident was so severe that rubble was scattered along an entire block. The good news is that although the six people were injured, none of those injuries was life threatening. No other details of the injuries were available at initial report.

The scene of the accident was a residential complex near the home of the Houston Astros, Minute Maid park. There were some 200 workers carrying out their tasks when the scaffolding collapsed. Police report that all 200 workers were accounted for after firefighters and emergency crews responded to the scene.

More than 100 firefighters responded to the accident, spending hours combing through the debris, looking for anyone who may be trapped. Emergency responders didn’t believe anyone else was trapped in the debris, but they continued to search. Responders utilized special equipment to monitor for movement under the rubble.

Houston Fire Department Captain Ruy Lozano said, “The fact we transported only six (to hospitals) is lucky to say the least.” He went on to say that the area immediately surrounding the accident will be closed for several days.

A worker inside the building, Eric Valdez, said, “I rushed toward the window to see what was happening and everything was falling apart. It was pretty bad. I’m just blessed that I get to see another day.”

The owner of the building, The Finger Companies, is working with first responders and other authorities to determine the cause of the scaffolding collapse.

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