Strengthening the Female Community in Austin

A Simple Walk - Austin, Texas

It is a well-known fact that people from Texas are a strong, hardy lot – particularly the women. Win or lose, the women of Austin support one another by organizing and coming together for a variety of causes. If you are a woman in Texas looking for comradery, support, or just good conversation, you can find it at The Women’s Community Center of Central Texas.

The center welcomes girls, women, and allies from all over Texas and all walks of life. The organization works tirelessly to help girls and women in Austin and beyond get the tools they need to achieve their dreams. The center helps women meet their goals in a variety of ways.

Beyond organizing the annual Women’s Empowerment Conference (WE Con), the center holds clothing swaps, educational events, fun nights, art shows, Second Saturday Screenings, and women’s history trivia nights. There is something for every female to enjoy (and something for every women’s rights supporter, too!).

If you are a women’s group, the center offers you low-cost workspace. Groups taking advantage of this currently include Mariposa Pathway, Conspire Theatre, Diabetes Sisters, the Lilith Fund, and Mamas of Color Rising. While the center has activities and educational opportunities that follow a schedule, there are also drop-in hours on Tuesday and Thursday from 12-8 p.m.

Nothing to do on a Tuesday or Thursday? The center has you covered. There is free Wifi, public computers, information on local non-profit groups that are accepting volunteers, books by and about women, a kids’ corner, a community bulletin board, and more! Women, girls, and the people who care about them are welcome to visit and use the space. You will find The Women’s Community Center of Center Texas at 1704 San Antonio in Austin.

If you are able to do so, the center accepts donations of any amount. You can give to the center through Amplify Austin to the WCC. You can trust that your money will be used to support and uplift women and girls in the area. Feel free to stop in and say hello to some of the most amazing supporters of women and girls in the area. They would love to see you!

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