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Austin Woman Who Sustained Brain Injury

After a traumatic work accident that left me hospitalized for months (to respect my family and I’s privacy, I prefer not to go into detail), my family and I were left stunned, emotionally damaged, in a mountain of hospital debt, and feeling like we had no options. Once the dust settled and I was able to return home to continue recovery, we looked at the situation and realized that we needed to have an attorney represent us. We searched online, looked into a few referrals from friends, but once we met with Adam the choice was clear. We hired Adam to represent us for this personal injury case. Adam’s confidence and positive attitude made us feel appreciated and in great hands. Throughout the process Adam was diligent in moving the case along (doing everything he could to make the other side not stall the momentum of the case), met with us to explain updates, and thoroughly prepared us for any court / legal obligations. In addition, he was very kind and genuinely concerned about my health and improvement as I went through physical and mental rehabilitation with hospitals. He was fantastic at making my sons feel comfortable throughout the process (they were with me for several of the meetings) and that is very important to me. If you have the misfortune of suffering a personal injury, and feel that you need legal representation, I cannot recommend Adam enough. It was a genuine pleasure to have him represent us.