What Not to do After You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident

Car accidents, as well as any type of motor vehicle accident, can be stressful, chaotic experiences. When accidents are serious enough to cause injuries, emotions can run incredibly high. Remaining calm and collected during a car accident, however, can not only ensure that all immediate concerns are attended to, but also that your potential personal injury claim is not compromised.

When a motorist, passenger, or pedestrian is injured as the result of another driver’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongful act, there are always certain steps that should be taken. These can include collecting the other driver’s information and making sure that you address all of the other issues listed on the essential¬†car accident checklist. Aside from taking the right steps, it is also essential to avoid the wrong ones. The following points are a few things victims and others involved in an injury causing car accident should never do.

Do Not Leave or Flee the Scene of an Accident
Regardless of who is at fault and no matter what circumstances may be involved, you should never leave the scene of an accident. By law, you are required to remain at the scene, and fleeing or leaving can be grounds for criminal prosecution. Leaving the scene will also result in you failing to collect another driver’s information and other crucial documentation that you may need if and when you choose to pursue a recovery of your damages.

Do Not Admit to Causing an Accident
Never admit to causing an accident and never accept blame after a car accident. What you say immediately after an accident to another driver or with witnesses present can be used against you during your claim. Many facts are collected after the initial chaos of an accident subsides and even if you believe that you did cause an accident, it may turn out that other factors were at play. As another rule, you should never sign anything given to you by another driver.

Do Not Speak to Another Driver’s Insurance Provider
If another driver’s insurance provider or attorney contacts you after an accident, it is important to remember that you do not have to speak with them. If anything, you can tell them to contact your insurance company to that they can speak with your lawyer. Saying the wrong thing can significantly impact your case and can result in unfair compensation.

Do Not Go Without Necessary Medical Treatment
If your injury is not serious enough to require immediate or emergency medical treatment, avoiding medical treatment can prove counterproductive to your claim and your health. If you feel injured, it is best to obtain a medical checkup to ensure that no serious damages were sustained. As many injuries may not manifest until some time after an accident, including brain injuries, seeking medical attention is still always a wise idea just to be safe. You should also keep track of any and all medical visits and treatment so that proof of your medical needs can be used during the course of your case.

Do Not Accept Settlement Without First Contacting a Lawyer
Insurance companies are in the business to collect premiums, not to pay victims. As such, they often do everything they can to pay victims as little as possible, even if that means offering less than injured victims deserve or capitalizing on chaotic times. As a rule, it is best not to accept a settlement offer without first speaking to an experience attorney who can review your case and inform you about the potential value of your claim.

At the Loewy Law Firm, an Austin personal injury lawyer is prepared to respond immediately to your call for help and poised to review your case as soon as possible. Accidents and injuries can create some of the most difficult times life has to offer, and by having a seasoned Austin car accident attorney by your side, you can ensure that all aspects of your case are handled promptly by a knowledgeable legal professional and that no crucial mistakes are made. For more information, contact the Loewy Law Firm today.