How Long Will My Lawsuit Take

“Hi I’m Adam Loewy. A lot of my clients understandably ask me, how long is the lawsuit going to take? The short answer is, a lawsuit is not like what you see on television. It is not over at the end of the hour. A typical lawsuit in the state of Texas generally takes 18 months to 2 years to resolve. However, at my law firm, I generally can get a lawsuit done under 12 months. I believe in moving the lawsuit as quick as possible. Why is that? Well first of all, I know that you need the money. You need the money for bills. You need the money for lost wages. You need the money to deal with the medical bills from your accident. So I move the case as quick as possible.

Of course a lot of this depends on other factors. Such as when then court will set the trial date or how quick the defense lawyer will move, but I’m very focused on moving my cases as efficiently as possible. So if you’ve been injured, please do not delay. We need to get this process started. Give me a call today, let’s set up a free consultation and talk about getting you lawsuit on the right track.”