Insurance Companies

“I think insurance companies are simply in it to make money. What I mean by that is that they are a for-profit-business. Their goal is each month to get everyone to pay premium. They get that money in-house and they grow the money. They invest the money. They put it overseas. They put it in the stock market. The last thing they want to do is pay the money out to someone that’s been hurt. That’s the reason a lawyer, like myself, exists. My role is to put pressure on the insurance company to pay out the money to properly compensate my client. I feel I have a very good relationship with insurance companies and with the lawyers that work for them. I make it very clear how I believe the case should play out and if they do not agree with my assessment of the case, of what I feel the case is worth, then these insurance companies know I will try the case. We will take it before a jury and let a jury decide. And I think this professional relationship with the insurance companies that I have and that I work on in my career is very beneficial to my clients.”