Car Accident Checklist

Car accidents can happen to anyone. In an instant, a serious injury can change your life forever. At The Loewy Law Firm, our Austin car accident attorneys are committed to helping accident victims by offering topnotch legal guidance to clients in Austin and the surrounding area. As a personal injury law firm, we want to help Austin drivers stay safe and prepared. Below, you will find a car accident checklist to help you in the event of a traffic collision. Without the proper information and documentation, you will not be able to recover money for injuries or property damage incurred during the collision.

Step One: Stay Prepared

Whether you realize it or not, your car accident checklist starts before you are involved in a collision. Stay prepared by keeping a copy of your insurance information, a pen, and a piece of paper in your car. If your mobile phone doesn’t have an attached camera, keep a disposable camera in your glove box. If your cell phone has a camera, make sure that it takes high-quality pictures. Grainy photographs won’t help your claim. Finally, make sure that you have an insurance card in your vehicle at all times. By law, drivers are required to keep their insurance information on hand. If you started a new policy, print out a copy of your insurance information to keep in your vehicle while you wait for your insurance card.

Step Two: Get Out of the Road

After an accident, get off the road as soon as possible. Make sure that you and anyone else at the scene of the accident do not need immediate medical attention. After a small accident (like a fender bender), you don’t have to leave your cars in the middle of the street to exchange information with the other driver. To the best of your ability, move your vehicle away from oncoming traffic to the side of the road. If you were involved in a moderate or serious collision, you may not be able to relocate your care without creating future property damage. If this happens, a tow-truck should be able to help you remove your vehicle from danger. Your insurance company will probably pay for your vehicle to be towed.

Step Three: Get the Facts

After you and the other driver are safe, exchange contact and insurance information with everyone who was involved in the accident. Refrain from using language that could be held against you in court, like “I’m sorry,” or “I shouldn’t have pulled in front of you,” etc. Statements like this can be used against you as confessions of liability. Make sure you write down the following information:

  • The driver’s name, address, phone number, email address, and additional contact information
  • The make, year, and model of the cars involved
  • License plate numbers
  • The other drivers’ insurance policy numbers and carriers

If possible take photographs of the accident location and damage to your vehicle. If there is a police officer at the scene of the accident, obtain his/her name, ID/bad number, phone number, and the police report number. If possible, ask the officer for a copy of the police report; it may be helpful during a claims dispute.

Step Four: Assess the Damage

Car accidents range from mild to severe. Even mild car accidents can result in serious property damage and complicated medical issues. After an accident, make sure you understand the extent of any damage caused by the wreck. Visit a doctor to discuss any potential injuries or health concerns related to the accident and take pictures of any property damage caused by the incident. After the accident, keep a record of any medical expenses and other costs associated with the collision. This information will help you during the insurance and personal injury claim process.

Step Five: Contact an Attorney

If you accident was caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence, contact The Loewy Law Firm today. Our Austin personal injury lawyer has served clients in Austin, TX and the surrounding area for more than a decade. With over ten years of experience behind us, we have the dedication to help you get the money you need and deserve. Your personal injury claim can be used to recover financial compensation for medical bills, missed wages, and a wide variety of other costs related to the accident. To learn more, call our office today and schedule a case evaluation. The sooner Attorney Loewy hears from you, the faster we can create an aggressive strategy to obtain full compensation for your injuries.