3 Common Injuries to Children and their Prevention

is very important and here at Loewy we know first hand how common it is for a child to be severely injured. In lieu of this, listed below are three common types of injuries to children, and how they can be prevented!

Motor Vehicle Crash

In the event of a car wreck, proper safety belt use is an absolute must. If you have a small child it is imperative that they be restrained in the correct car seat. As a rule of thumb, a child should be in a booster or car seat until the shoulder-lap safety belt can be worn comfortably. Every child is different, so the age will depend on their size.


As we all know, children tend to be clumsy and a bit reckless when they are playing. Therefore, they are more prone to falling. Serious injury can occur as a result from a fall, such as head, neck or back injury or broken bones. Falls are unavoidable, but there are some methods that can be employed to help the cause. Always keep your little ones strapped in when in high chairs, always have handles or handrails at their height for uneven surfaces, and make sure to supervise them on the playground.


It doesn’t take too much water for a child to be a drowning victim. Even shallow water may make it hard for a small child to stand correctly, and all it takes is a big gulp of water! Bathtubs and child-sized pools are both risks. Always have a fence around a backyard pool, and when they’re swimming, make sure they wear Coast Guard approved flotation devices.

If your child is injured by the negligence of another, please contact the personal injury lawyers at Loewy Law Firm for legal counsel!