$300,000 Settlement for Austin Woman Injured in Apartment Complex Trip and Fall

adam loewy with clientThe Loewy Law Firm recently secured a $300,000 settlement for an Austin woman who, after tripping on a neglected stairwell, suffered severe injuries that left her with months of recovery time.

Our client, a lovely woman who was hesitant to seek out legal help for this matter, was stepping through a doorway when she tripped on a raised weather pane. After investigating and conducting discovery, we found out that the apartment was violating various safety codes and had been cited repeatedly over the years.

The apartment complex’s negligence meant that this woman suffered through two broken legs and a broken ankle. She needed surgery and spent four months recovering in an assisted living facility. This pain and suffering on top of mounting medical bills is something that no one should have to go through.

Premises negligence cases are often very complicated because the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff: proving that you should have been on the property and that the injury was due to a wrongful act by the premise owners. Additionally, property owners spend a lot of money and effort to ensure that they do not have to take responsibility. Our investigation revealed that the apartment was at fault in this case and we were aggressive in securing the settlement that our client deserved.

We have had very good results with premises liability cases. We settled this case in less than six months for $300,000 because we know the importance of thorough investigation, hiring experts when needed, and quickly moving cases. We have experience and compassion dealing with cases where wrongful actions of others cause devastating accidents.

Our client was very happy with the results of this settlement and we know that this money is going to a very deserving woman.

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