Testimonial: Loewy Law Firm Helps Injured Austin Woman

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Our team works hard to help our clients. We try to go above and beyond what you would expect of a law firm, and we are proud of the positive feedback we receive. This review of the Loewy Law Firm was written by a wonderful woman who was badly hurt by a baseball at a local batting cage. “I called The Loewy Law firm on the advice of a friend after being injured by another party. Prior to calling them, I had spoken with a several other firms, large and small, and although all of them told me… Read More

$300,000 Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement for Austin Child

The Loewy Law Firm secured $300,000 for a family here in Austin. The distraught parents came to us because their son had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The injury occurred when their son was playing outside at a neighbor’s home with a friend. The friend launched a large rock in the air, and the rock struck the son on his head. The rock fractured his head, and he was immediately in intense pain and had to be rushed to St. David’s Emergency Room and then by ambulance to Dell Children’s Medical Center. After many difficult surgeries, the family had… Read More

$300,000 Settlement for Austin Woman Injured in Apartment Complex Trip and Fall

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The Loewy Law Firm recently secured a $300,000 settlement for an Austin woman who, after tripping on a neglected stairwell, suffered severe injuries that left her with months of recovery time. Our client, a lovely woman who was hesitant to seek out legal help for this matter, was stepping through a doorway when she tripped on a raised weather pane. After investigating and conducting discovery, we found out that the apartment was violating various safety codes and had been cited repeatedly over the years. The apartment complex’s negligence meant that this woman suffered… Read More

$300,000 Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

The Loewy Law Firm recently secured a $300,000 settlement for an Austin woman who was seriously injured at an apartment complex. Our client was exiting a laundry room and she tripped on a raised weather pane in a door way.  The pane was jutting up and its height violated various safety codes.  Our client fell hard and broke both of her legs, and several toes.  She had to spend 4 months in a rehab unit and had to learn how to walk again. Our client was very hesitant to pursue a legal case because she was embarrassed about what happened… Read More

Premise Liability: Are You An Invitee, A Licensee, or A Trespasser?

Tort law is governed by civil common law. Which means that there are no statutes that give lawyers a black and white description to apply to specific cases and then bam-boom-violá your done. Instead, attorney’s have to perform rigorous studies over previous court verdicts and testimonies to prove negligence or liability of another party. Premise liability cases, cases involving a plaintiff who was injured on the defendant’s property, center around the core of the law’s ambiguity because the four elements that establish a property owner as liable are hard to establish clearly. Do You Have A Premise Liability Case? In… Read More

Swimming Park Accidents: 4 Types of Drowning Victims

Every year when the temperatures begin to rise, there’s no denying the Texas heat. Air conditioning and swimming pools are the only true escapes from the heat. Many gather at local pools and water parks to beat the heat, but the risk of drowning is as ever present danger. Proper rescue can best be executed only when the type of victim is properly identified. There are four types of drowning victims, and all require different rescue techniques and care. Listed below are the four categories of at-risk swimmers: 1. Distressed Distressed is the one category of swimmer that isn’t… Read More

$40,000 Settlement in Slip and Fall Case

The Loewy Law Firm has settled a slip and fall case for an Austin woman who was injured after falling at a local business. The case was very complicated legally. In fact, at the onset of the case, the defense lawyer predicted that the insurance company would “never offer a dime to settle” the case. Our law firm carefully worked up the case and devised a settlement strategy that worked. Our client was compensated for her injuries and was happy with the result. The Loewy Law Firm has recovered over $1 Million in premise liabilty cases These cases are very complicated legally… Read More

Negligent Security and Personal Injury on College Campuses

Every year, thousands of criminal instances are reported on U.S. college campuses. In fact, studies indicate that as many as 35,000 crimes were reported at colleges and universities in 2005 alone. According to the Office of Postsecondary Education, many college and university campuses report multiple on-campus crimes every year. Sex crimes, such as sexual assault, are one of the most commonly reported crimes on college and university campuses. Burglary is another common on-campus crime. To avoid crimes, colleges and universities should anticipate crime before it happens and employ adequate safety measures to protect students. This might include independent research to determine… Read More