Loewy Featured on FoxNews.Com Discussing the Austin Bicyclist Fatally Hit by a Bus Driver

mindi stafford

Personal injury attorney Adam Loewy recently appeared in an article on FoxNews.Com discussing a fatal bicycle accident that has gained notoriety in Austin. The bus driver that caused the accident was high on prescription drugs at the time. The Travis County District Attorney, Jose Garza, offered former Austin CapMetro bus driver Mindi Stafford a plea deal that allowed her to plead down from a manslaughter charge to a criminally negligent homicide charge and avoid jail time. Instead of serving any days in jail, Stafford has deferred adjudication for seven years and… Read More

Personal Injury Settlements And Special Needs Trusts

Accidents are indiscriminate, they can happen to anyone. People of all socioeconomic classes have accidents and suffer injuries because of the negligence of another. People who have a good income through a skilled job can suddenly find they are injured and unable to return to that line of work and enjoy that level of earning potential. It can take months, even years, to be compensated for an injury. Many people have no place to turn except to government programs that can assist them in keeping their family sheltered and fed. Under the law, everyone has the right to be compensated… Read More