Bike Seat Risks for Your Child

Brightly colored windbreaker on man riding his bicycle

When you have a child, you want to do everything with them. In today’s society, there are so many options for parents that they rarely have to give up their favorite activities or leave their kids at home. One of these fantastic options is the bike seat. The ability to strap your child to your bicycle safely means that you can exercise to your heart’s content. But wait. Are bike seats really as safe as they seem? While they may provide parents and other adults with an effective way to take a child along for a ride, they may not… Read More

Assessing Yourself After a Bike Accident

Bicycle bike Accident

People are involved in bicycle accidents everyday. One of the biggest concerns is a car versus bike accident, but these are not as common as you may think. Far more often, cyclists are involved in crashes with inanimate objects or because of roadway hazards. If you are involved in an accident with an object or simply take a spill, there are easy ways to assess yourself for possible injury. 1. Lie Still and Pay Attention As soon as you are involved in an accident, you may want to jump up and grab your bike. This is a good… Read More

Help Your Kids Enjoy Bicycling Safely

child riding a bicycle

The weather is taking a turn for the better and, as it does, more children will be hitting the streets on their favorite mode of transportation: Bicycles. When it comes to cycling, parents need to make sure that their children are following safety rules. These rules aren’t meant to put a damper on the fun that kids are having, but to keep them healthy. Bicycle accidents do happen and often result in serious injury. This is especially true in bicycle versus vehicle accidents. Help your kids follow these easy rules to keep their bike rides from turning tragic. Read More

Bicycle Versus Truck Accident in Austin

A 55-year-old man was killed after his bicycle collided with a truck two weeks ago, prompting officials to voice concerns over the danger that biking on Austin roadways poses. It is unclear whether or not the man was at fault, and no one has said whether or not he had the required lights on his bicycle. What is known is that the driver of the truck remained on the scene and has not been charged as of yet. Attorney Brad Houston, an avid cyclist himself, says that despite bike lanes and other measures taken by the city to… Read More

$500,000 Settlement in Motorcycle Accident Case

Loewy Law Firm settled a policy limits case for an Austin man who was badly injured while riding a motorcycle on Bee Caves Road. Our client, the motorcyclist, was pulling out of a Walgreens parking lot. He was blindsided by an elderly driver who was speeding past and could not slow down in time. The collision threw our client off of his motorcycle. Thankfully, he was wearing a helmet – a safety precaution that undoubtedly saved his life. However, he was catastrophically hurt, went to the ER, and was unable to walk for three months. We advocated for the… Read More

Child Hurt in Bicycle Versus Car Accident


AUSTIN, Texas – A small child was sent to the hospital after being struck by a car. According to witnesses, the little girl was riding her bicycle along Mason Street when she collided with a woman driving a vehicle on Ledesma Street. Residents tell reporters that this is not the first time such an accident has occurred. A child was killed in the same type of incident at the intersection just three years ago. Reporters were told by witnesses that the driver in this accident did not appear to be speeding. The driver stopped and exited her vehicle to check… Read More

Why Has There Been an Increase in Bike Crashes and Bike Deaths?

A recent NPR article highlights a trend that our office has been noticing: lately, we have seen a significant increase in the amount of phone calls for bike-related injuries. The article, found here, cites an increase in bicyclists dying in collisions with cars. The number has risen dramatically over the past two years, while car deaths have remained stable. In the past few years in Austin, white-painted ghost bikes have appeared on bridges and sidewalks: these are memorials to cyclists killed on the road. There are a few reasons… Read More

Horrific Bike Crash in South Texas

Texas Monthly recounts a horrific bike crash in south Texas where a drunk driver hit a bicyclist and the biker flew over the truck and into the trailer of the truck.  The driver shamefully kept driving and then attempt to dispose of the body.  Thankfully, he was caught and will hopefully spend decades behind bars. Our law firm has represented scores of bicyclists hit by cars and scores of people hit by drunk drivers.  We as a society need to start dealing with these tragedies more harshly, especially when drinking and driving is involved. We support Chief Acevedo’s anti-drunk driving… Read More

Texas Supreme Court Rejects Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

On August 29, 2012, the Texas Supreme Court had settled on City of Denton v. Paper. In a previous case, the defendant, Rachel Paper, sued the plaintiff, the City of Denton, after breaking numerous teeth when she collided on her bicycle. The case concerned a depressed section in the roadway. The question is, was the depressed section: A hole almost as deep as a mechanical pencil (5.5 inches) situated close to the middle of the right lane which a bicyclist could not evade without intersecting into the lane for approaching traffic? Or: A hole just two or… Read More

Personal Injury Settlements And Special Needs Trusts

Accidents are indiscriminate, they can happen to anyone. People of all socioeconomic classes have accidents and suffer injuries because of the negligence of another. People who have a good income through a skilled job can suddenly find they are injured and unable to return to that line of work and enjoy that level of earning potential. It can take months, even years, to be compensated for an injury. Many people have no place to turn except to government programs that can assist them in keeping their family sheltered and fed. Under the law, everyone has the right to be compensated… Read More