Biggest Lakes in Texas


Boating is a popular pastime in Texas, and many people think of the ocean when they consider taking their vessel out on the open water. Fortunately for the millions of people who don’t live near the ocean, Texas is home to some very large lakes. Here is a list of some of the biggest. 1. Toledo Bend Reservoir This man-made lake is smack on the border of Texas and Louisiana and is the biggest lake in the state. With a surface area of 185,000 acres, there are 1,200 miles of shoreline. The reservoir is a popular destination for… Read More

Details Released in October Boat Crash

Motor Boat

A boat crash took the lives of two people on October 11. A report has been released providing more details of the accident than were originally released. According to the newly released report, Shawn Hurwitz was operating the vessel when it crashed into a construction barge. The barge had been a topic of contention among local residents who were worried about the dangers that it posed. Toxicology studies show that Hurwitz had consumed alcohol prior to the crash. Jennifer Walley was killed along with Hurwitz. The report states that all parties aboard the boat, five in total, were… Read More

Concerns About Safety Surround Boating Accident

destroyed boat dock

AUSTIN, TX – A deadly boat crash occurred on Lake Austin on October 11, and residents are voicing their concerns that dock construction has made the lake more dangerous for boaters and other operators of water craft. According to area homeowner Erin McClusky, the area on the water is now very narrow due to the construction. Boats and jet skis trying to pass one another get too close to each other and to the dock as well. “It can be really dangerous,” McCluskey said. The building permit for the boat dock was granted in April. Neighbors began… Read More

Boat Crashes Into Concrete Barge

Staten Island Ferry Crash

AUSTIN, TX – A boating accident left two people dead and residents near the area are saying that the incident could have been prevented. Shawn Hurwitz, 50, and Jennifer Walley, 34, both died after the boat they were in crashed into a barge Sunday on Lake Austin. Resident Kenneth Hausmann said that the lake is more dangerous now than it has ever been. “A lot of people are from out of town,” Hausmann said, in part, “The other thing is, as Austin grows, we have more houses on the lake and more people. There’s a lot more… Read More

Child Killed in Boating Accident Remembered by Family

A little girl was killed in a boating accident on Lake Travis over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Her family recently spoke to KXAN about exactly what occurred on that tragic day. According to her family, Hailey Falk, was hit in the head by a ski pole aboard the family boat. Texas Parks & Wildlife is investigating the accident as a boating malfunction. The five-year-old Falk is remembered as a little girl with a huge smile. “She could walk into the room and just light the place up with her personality,” said the girl’s grandmother. Hailey’s mother,… Read More

$520,000 Settlement Obtained in Boat Crash Case

The Loewy Law Firm is proud to announce it has secured a $520,000 settlement on behalf of two Austin residents who were injured in a boat crash on Lake Dunlap.  The significant settlement was obtained in part due to the quick investigative work of the Loewy Law Firm, a skill we take particular pride in. In the spring of 2013, our clients were boating on Lake Dunlap in the evening when another boat slammed into them.  The boat then sped away.  The driver of the boat was later caught by police and he was given a citation for leaving the… Read More

Personal Injury Settlements And Special Needs Trusts

Accidents are indiscriminate, they can happen to anyone. People of all socioeconomic classes have accidents and suffer injuries because of the negligence of another. People who have a good income through a skilled job can suddenly find they are injured and unable to return to that line of work and enjoy that level of earning potential. It can take months, even years, to be compensated for an injury. Many people have no place to turn except to government programs that can assist them in keeping their family sheltered and fed. Under the law, everyone has the right to be compensated… Read More

Is Boating Under the Influence Deadlier Than DUI?

The U.S. Coast Guard reports that boating under the influence (BUI) just as dangerous as drunk driving – if not more. In fact, approximately one third of all recreational boating fatalities are the result of alcohol. There are several reasons for this. First, the marine environment tends to accelerate the effects of alcohol on the body. For example, wind, sun exposure, water spray, motion, and engine noise can easily contribute to one’s level of impairment. Unfortunately, many boat operators underestimate the effects of alcohol on their system. Oftentimes, the amount of alcohol that it takes for a boat operator to become impaired… Read More