Man Wins Court Case Against Austin Police

Austin Police

A federal jury has awarded a man $877,000 in damages after he sued several police officers along with the city of Austin. The lawsuit stemmed from an incident in 2012 in which the man was slammed to the ground and detained for a crime that it was ultimately proven he did not commit. According to details of the incident, Pete Hernandez sustained injuries on June 7, 2012 during the investigation of a vehicle theft. He was approached in a Wal-Mart parking lot on suspicion of that theft. Austin police rushed Hernandez and was forced to the ground. A… Read More

No Prosecution for Police Shooting; Dark Day for Civil Rights in Austin, TX

October 29 was one of the darkest days in the history of Austin, Texas. A Federal Judge granted immunity to former Austin Police Officer Charles Kleinert, who killed Larry Jackson Jr. Kleinert tracked Larry down, beat him and then put his gun on the back of Larry’s neck and pulled the trigger. Larry was on his hands and knees when he was shot. A muzzle imprint was literally on the back of his neck. Kleinert admitted under oath that Larry was not posing a threat to him. Kleinert was subsequently indicted for Manslaughter but due to some arcane law… Read More

Passion for Civil Rights Scholarship Awarded to Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters Photo

Loewy Law Firm recently made available a $1,000 Passion for Civil Rights Scholarship. The intent of this scholarship, says Adam Loewy, firm founder, “…is to further the aspirations of any future lawyer who shares our passion for balance and equity.” This year’s winner is Natalie Winters, a first year law student at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. Winters, who holds undergraduate degrees in both Political Science and Global Studies with an emphasis on Governance, Peace and Justice in the Middle East from the University of Minnesota, worked in Congress for four years. Her essay discusses how… Read More

Natalie Winters Named Awardee of the Loewy Law Firm Passion for Civil Rights Scholarship

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Loewy Law founder, Adam Loewy, and his legal team believe passionately in championing justice for the disadvantaged. In an extension of the firm’s core values of advocating for those who cannot do so for themselves, Loewy wanted scholarship candidates to describe how to “…apply civil law to right injustice.” In her essay, this year’s scholarship awardee Natalie Winters addressed the use of civil law to implement justice and check governmental power where she states, “…civil law plays a vital role as a guardian of justice.” Winters, who holds undergraduate degrees in both Political Science and Global Studies… Read More

Adam Loewy Featured in Austin MD Magazine

Adam Loewy was featured in the premiere health and medical community magazine in Austin – Austin MD. The article is a snapshot of how our firm helps clients and gives back to the community. You can read the full piece below. Adam Loewy Practicing law differently sets this attorney apart by Jon Black “We focus on leaving a legacy in our clients’ lives,” says Attorney Adam Loewy. “We aren’t just here to work a personal injury case. We help our clients any way we can whether it’s medical care, counseling or anything else. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have… Read More

Your Civil Right to Protest in Austin


With the rash of protests recently taking place around the country, people have been witness to violent clashes with police and peaceful rallies that did no damage. It may leave you wondering what your rights are when it comes to protesting for a cause that you believe in. It is your civil right to protest in Austin and any other city in America, provided that you do so legally. Knowing your rights can help to ensure that your protest not only goes off without a hitch, but that you also go home when it’s over. Where You Can… Read More

Civil Rights Suit Filed on Behalf of Bikers


Bikers involved in the Waco motorcycle gang remain jailed, and an Austin attorney has filed a petition on their behalf. Keith Hampton has made it clear that he is not representing any of the accused, but he felt compelled to come to the aid of the 144 bikers who have been held in jail for close to 20 days without a bond hearing. The incident involving the bikers occurred on May 17. A total of 176 people were arrested at Twin Peaks in Waco. The shootout left nine people dead. Says Mindy Milford, Austin Criminal Attorney, “Here we… Read More

Bridge Project Stirring Civil Rights Complaints

Drummoyne Iron Cove Bridge

Some residents of Austin are asking lawmakers to reconsider their transportation plans due to civil rights issues consequences. Testimony was given to a Senate panel on Wednesday on House Bills 13 and 20. Each bill puts forth plans for the local and state governments to prioritize ideas for the funding of transportation. HB 13 requires a 10-year transportation plan that guides money being poured into the local region. The Texas Department of Transportation would be given a cash flow for 10 years or more. HB 20 includes metrics and performance measures in annual planning. The department… Read More

Is Videotaping the Police Your Civil Right?

texting on phone

Antonio Buehler has a habit before he heads out onto the streets of Austin. He writes his lawyer’s phone number on his arm with a Sharpie. If he gets arrested he is sure to be able to reach her. Why would he get arrested? Because he is performing an act that many consider to be a civil right…filming the police in action. “Cop watching,” as he calls his activity, is something that Buehler, as part of his Peaceful Streets Project, believes is a deterrent to poor policing. When officers are filmed, says Buehler, it tends to make those… Read More

Larry Jackson Federal Court Hearing: What You Need to Know

Larry Jackson Federal Court Hearing In July 2013, APD Detective Charles Kleinert tracked down Larry Jackson, brutally beat him, and then murdered him by placing a gun squarely on the back of Larry’s neck and pulling the trigger. In May 2014, a Travis County Grand Jury indicted Kleinert on the charge of Manslaughter. Since then, Kleinert’s criminal defense lawyers have sought to have the case moved to Federal Court. On April 9, 2015, there will be a very important hearing in Federal Court which will decide which Court this case will be prosecuted in. Here is what you need… Read More