Your Civil Right to Protest in Austin

With the rash of protests recently taking place around the country, people have been witness to violent clashes with police and peaceful rallies that did no damage. It may leave you wondering what your rights are when it comes to protesting for a cause that you believe in.

It is your civil right to protest in Austin and any other city in America, provided that you do so legally. Knowing your rights can help to ensure that your protest not only goes off without a hitch, but that you also go home when it’s over.

Where You Can Protest

In general, you can protest on any public property, depending on its intended use. This includes public streets, sidewalks, and parks. You may not protest on most property that is for government use. You may be able to protest on public school and college grounds, or any other property used for public meetings. It is always safer to air on the side of caution and check with your local authorities before staging a protest off of your own property.

Controversial Topics are Allowed

People often wonder if there are topics that are beyond the scope of protest. The answer is no. Even if you hold views that are contradictory to the opinion of the government, are unpopular, or are controversial, you still have a right to peaceful protest and assembly.

You May Need a Permit

Depending on where you choose to hold your protest, a permit may be required. This is particularly true if your protest will impede traffic in any way or obstruct public order. You can check with your local government to determine whether or not a permit is necessary for your specific protest.

You may be charged for your permit, so be prepared to pay a fee. Your permit may also be declined, but the decision-making body must follow a strict set of guidelines when reviewing your application.

If you are injured during your protest or any other type of activity, we are here for you. Contact our experienced personal injury attorneys today. Your first consultation is free.

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