Climate Change May Be Reason for Floods

Waters Rise in Galveston

Climate change is not a new topic. Global warming has been in the news for more than a decade. While scientists point to climate change as a major cause for shifts in weather like those that put Austin underwater, politicians remain skeptical. The recent floods in Texas have left 15 people dead and 12 others missing. According to climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon, these floods are evidence of what is happening with our planet. “We have observed an increase of heavy rain events, at least in the South-Central United States, including Texas. And it’s consistent with what we would expect from climate… Read More

Adam Loewy Appears on KVUE to discuss TASER Case

adam loewy

Adam Loewy appeared on KVUE last night to discuss the latest developments in a high profile TASER case our law firm is handling.  The case involves the Tasing of a young man named Noe Nino de Rivera, who was TASED in a hallway in Cedar Creek High School in November. As a survelliance video shows, Noe was not being aggressive or doing anything wrong yet he was unjustifiably Tased by Bastrop Sheriff Deputy Randy McMillan.  As a result of the Tasing, Noe fell back, slammed his head, and sustained a very serious Traumatic Brain Injury.  He was in a… Read More

Randall Slage for Justice of the Peace Fundraiser

On May 1, 2014, we are very honored to host a fundraiser for our friend Randall Slage, who is running for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 2 in Travis Count.  A Justice of the Peace is a Judge who hears certain misdemeanor cases, civil cases with an amount in controversy under $10,000, and who performs a variety legal duties (performing marriages, issuing warrants, etc).  This is a very important position because it deals directly with tens of thousands citizens per year on important issues. Randall was born and raised in Austin and attended the University of Texas.  He has… Read More