School Bus Involved in Crash

School Bus Collision

AUSTIN, TX – A child was injured critically and others were injured in an accident last Tuesday that involved a school bus and three other vehicles. According to authorities, the school bus was carrying 31 children when the accident occurred. A car was traveling northbound on Interstate 35. It entered the bus’s lane at about 3 p.m. and struck the bus’s front tire. This caused the bus driver to lose control of the vehicle and hit a light pole. A delivery truck and a van were also struck in the crash. The original vehicle then hit a tree… Read More

Bus Driver Cited in Accident

city bus

AUSTIN, TX – As a pedestrian, you do all of the right things. You wait at the intersection. You keep your eye on the signal. And you only cross in the designated path. Unfortunately, doing the right things doesn’t always keep you safe. A woman’s family found this out last Monday night when a woman was struck and killed in an Austin crosswalk. Details of the accident have not been immediately released, but it is known that the woman was struck by a Capital Metro bus while in a crosswalk. The driver of the bus has been cited… Read More

Bus Crashes Up, Injuries Down

As Austin grows, more buses are on the road. People demand a suitable option when it comes to public transportation, and the city has stepped up. Not surprisingly, there are more accidents than ever before involving Cap Metro buses. According to reports from KXAN News, more buses were involved in accidents between January and May of this year than during the same time last year. Through the month of May, there were 202 accidents reported. While no crash is good news, it is important to note that the number of accidents that were not reasonably preventable were greater… Read More