Bus Driver Cited in Accident

AUSTIN, TX – As a pedestrian, you do all of the right things. You wait at the intersection. You keep your eye on the signal. And you only cross in the designated path. Unfortunately, doing the right things doesn’t always keep you safe.

A woman’s family found this out last Monday night when a woman was struck and killed in an Austin crosswalk. Details of the accident have not been immediately released, but it is known that the woman was struck by a Capital Metro bus while in a crosswalk. The driver of the bus has been cited for failure to yield to the right of way of the deceased woman.

Why the bus driver chose to drive through the crosswalk is not apparent. Authorities continue to speak with witnesses and investigate the accident. The woman’s name was not released by the police.

If you choose to walk at night, do so safely. Do not assume that people can see you. Any time you walk in the evening, be sure to wear light-colored clothing. If possible, wear reflective clothing or, for additional safety, attach a glow-stick to your purse or bag.

Do not cross the street outside of a crosswalk, and be sure that drivers are aware of your presence, even if you are following the law. Make eye contact with drivers before you cross to be sure that they see you. Do not cross the street near obstacles that could potentially block drivers from noticing you. While there is nothing that you can do to protect yourself completely, there are steps you can take to be sure you are as safe as possible.

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