Bus Crashes Up, Injuries Down

As Austin grows, more buses are on the road. People demand a suitable option when it comes to public transportation, and the city has stepped up. Not surprisingly, there are more accidents than ever before involving Cap Metro buses.

According to reports from KXAN News, more buses were involved in accidents between January and May of this year than during the same time last year. Through the month of May, there were 202 accidents reported. While no crash is good news, it is important to note that the number of accidents that were not reasonably preventable were greater than those in which the bus driver could have been at fault.

Surprisingly, although the number of accidents has increased, the number of injuries has gone down. In 2014, there were 39 reported injuries during the first five months of the year. In the same time span during 2015, there were 26 injuries reported.

Francine Pares, spokesperson for Capital Metro, says that the transportation agency has asked Texas A&M Transportation Institute to take a look at the records. Suggestions for improvements are being welcomed. As Austin grows, so does the number of commuters on the road. Pares asks anyone driving a personal vehicle to be patient with buses and to use due caution.

A pending lawsuit against Capital Metro claims that a bus driver caused a woman to miscarry her pregnancy. According to the report, Brittany Coe was running alongside the bus, banging on its side, and trying to get it to stop so she could board. Coe fell and was struck by the bus’s right rear wheel. Lawyers for Coe claim that the bus driver pulling away contributed to Coe’s accident.

The case is still pending and Capital Metro has refused to comment. Records do show that an internal investigation found that the bus driver was not at fault.

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