Texas Car Seat Laws

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death of children and infants every year. One of the best things that parents and guardians can do to protect their children is to obey Texas’s car seat laws. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car seats saved at least 325 children under the age of 5 years old in a single year. Following Texas’s car seat laws can keep your child out of harm’s way and prevent legal ramifications. When Is a Car Seat Required in Texas? Texas law makes safety restraint systems mandatory for all drivers, passengers… Read More

Make Sure Summer is Safe for Your Kids

standing on surfboard

Summer is often one of the best times of the year. It is always a great time for kids to participate in various indoor and outdoor sports, games and activities. Whether younger or older, there are ways that you can keep children of every age safe while they enjoy the warm weather. In the Water If your children will be participating in any of the great water-related activities available to them, make sure they are staying safe. Prevent water-related illnesses and make sure your child is aware of how to stay safe near the water. Drownings… Read More

Reducing Children’s Risk of Drowning

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When the summer heat in Texas reaches epic proportions, people seek any way that they can to cool off. For many, this includes a dip in the pool. That pool may be at the public park or in your own backyard. No matter where the refreshing water is located, it is important that safety tips are followed, especially when little ones are involved. Drowning is the leading cause of death among children younger than four years of age. Drowning Misconceptions Despite what people think, drowning is often silent. Many people hold the misconception that drowning involves splashing,… Read More

Is Your Child’s Daycare Liable for Injuries?

children in daycare

A daycare is not designed to make sure that every child is safe every moment of the day. That said, they do owe every child the highest degree of care possible with respect to the child’s age and activity level. Daycares, as upheld by the courts, are primarily intended to supervise children. The duty of these facilities is somewhat different to others that provide care or education to children. Many  parents wonder if a daycare can be held liable for injuries that their children incur. The short answer is ‘yes.’ The longer answer is ‘it depends.’ There… Read More

Keeping Your Kids Safe While They Play Sports

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When your kids buckle a helmet or tie up their shoes, they have very little on their minds outside of playing a sport and having fun. Maybe they are thinking about winning as well, but they are almost definitely not thinking about staying safe. Those thoughts fall to you, coaches and medical professionals. Children have favorite activities. For most under the age of 14, these include football, soccer, basketball, playing on playgrounds and jumping on trampolines. As fun as these sports and activities are, they come with a list of injuries. Recreation is important for children’s… Read More

What to Do If Your Child Is Injured on Someone’s Property

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Children get hurt. It’s part of being young. Children are careless and reckless; it’s all part of the fun. As a parent, you understand these things, but you still want your children to be as safe as possible. What happens when your child is hurt on someone’s property? You can’t always be there to protect your child, but you can come to their rescue after an injury occurs. Who is Liable To determine who is liable for your child’s injury, you must first understand what happened. Premise liability includes negligence. In other words, for… Read More

Top Causes of Injuries to Children

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Most injuries that children receive are unintentional. That is, no one set out to harm a child on the day the little one was hurt. Unfortunately, even when no one intends to do so, children are hurt every day. Unintentional injuries account for 96 percent of hospital admissions among children. Many of the injuries that children receive are predictable. They are also preventable. Knowing the top causes of injuries to children can help to reduce the risk that your own kiddo will be hurt. 1. Cars Child passengers are hurt in car accidents daily. In many cases,… Read More

Make It a Kid-Safe Holiday This Year


The holidays bring with them a tremendous amount of joy and excitement. Unfortunately, they also can cause dangerous situations for your children. Don’t let a time that is supposed to be happy be ruined by an accident that could have been prevented. Use this as a guide to make the holidays as safe as possible for your little ones. Christmas Tree Most of us know that Christmas trees are a fire hazard and take steps to prevent a fire from breaking out. They are also a hazard for other reasons. If your tree is not stable, it… Read More

Settlement for Boy Struck by Lightning

9-year-old Alex Hermann was playing youth soccer on a balmy summer day when he was struck by a lightning bolt that stopped his heart. As the storm rolled in, Alex was rushed to the hospital via STAR Flight helicopter. He had burn wounds and brain damage. He was close to death. For the next three months, Alex was under the care of the remarkable doctors at Dell Children’s. Many surgeries, prayers, sleepless nights, and therapy sessions later, Alex was able to return home to his family. He faces a long road to recovery but has made remarkable progress. Thanks… Read More

$300,000 Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement for Austin Child

The Loewy Law Firm secured $300,000 for a family here in Austin. The distraught parents came to us because their son had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The injury occurred when their son was playing outside at a neighbor’s home with a friend. The friend launched a large rock in the air, and the rock struck the son on his head. The rock fractured his head, and he was immediately in intense pain and had to be rushed to St. David’s Emergency Room and then by ambulance to Dell Children’s Medical Center. After many difficult surgeries, the family had… Read More