Reducing Children’s Risk of Drowning

When the summer heat in Texas reaches epic proportions, people seek any way that they can to cool off. For many, this includes a dip in the pool. That pool may be at the public park or in your own backyard. No matter where the refreshing water is located, it is important that safety tips are followed, especially when little ones are involved. Drowning is the leading cause of death among children younger than four years of age.

Drowning Misconceptions

Despite what people think, drowning is often silent. Many people hold the misconception that drowning involves splashing, yelling and screaming. The truth of the matter is that people who drown often do so without any noise at all, and they drown in a matter of minutes.

Parental Blame

When we read about children drowning, we often are quick to wonder where the parents were. If the children were being supervised properly, they never would have drowned, right? Wrong. In many cases, parents or those supervising are distracted for only seconds. By the time the disaster is realized, it is too late.


People are distracted by any number of things at a pool. They may receive a phone call, they may get too involved in a book or they may even get tied into a conversation with another adult. No matter the reason for the distraction, anyone watching a little one at a pool must remain vigilant. Do not rely on others to keep track of your children, lifeguards included. You are responsible for the little ones you bring to the pool.

Backyard Dangers

Most drownings occur in backyard pools. Parents often assume that their children are safely inside the home when they are perched precariously on the edge of the swimming pool. Any backyard pool should be surrounded by a fence with a locking gate. Doors and windows leading to the backyard should have small alarms attached to them. Any safeguards to protect your child from drowning should be put in place.

When children drown, it is almost always a terrible accident. By being sure that you are always aware of your children when they are in or near the water, you can help to prevent a drowning or injury.

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