What to Do If Your Child Is Injured on Someone’s Property

Children get hurt. It’s part of being young. Children are careless and reckless; it’s all part of the fun. As a parent, you understand these things, but you still want your children to be as safe as possible. What happens when your child is hurt on someone’s property? You can’t always be there to protect your child, but you can come to their rescue after an injury occurs.

Who is Liable

To determine who is liable for your child’s injury, you must first understand what happened. Premise liability includes negligence. In other words, for a property owner to be found liable for your child’s injury, they must have been negligent in some way. This may mean that they didn’t make a necessary repair or that they failed to maintain their property in the way a reasonable person would.


If your child enters someone’s land unlawfully, chances are slim that the property owner will be found liable. If your child was breaking the law at the time of their accident, you will have a tough fight on your hands when it comes to proving they weren’t at fault.

Attractive Nuisance

The attractive nuisance doctrine means that a property owner must make attempts to block access to their property by children. This is especially true if there are children in the neighborhood or those who frequently walk through the neighborhood. The stipulations of the attractive nuisance law vary from state to state.

In general, if your child was injured on someone’s property, you may be due compensation for their injuries, but you will have a few things to prove in court. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine whether or not you have a case.

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