$300,000 Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement for Austin Child

The Loewy Law Firm secured $300,000 for a family here in Austin. The distraught parents came to us because their son had suffered a traumatic brain injury. The injury occurred when their son was playing outside at a neighbor’s home with a friend. The friend launched a large rock in the air, and the rock struck the son on his head. The rock fractured his head, and he was immediately in intense pain and had to be rushed to St. David’s Emergency Room and then by ambulance to Dell Children’s Medical Center. After many difficult surgeries, the family had… Read More

New York Times Editorial on a Loewy Law Case

The New York Times ran an editorial on the case of Noe Nino de Rivera, a young man the Loewy Law Firm is proud to represent.  Noe was unjustifiably Tased by a Bastrop Sheriff Deputy in the hallway of Cedar Creek High School in November.  Noe flew back and slammed his head into the concrete.  As a result, he sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and spent 52 days in a medically induced coma.  He is currently in a full-time in-patient brain injury rehabilitation center. We have been helping Noe and his family from the moment we were hired immediately… Read More

Loewy Law Firm Appears on CNN

CNN recently profiled one of the Loewy Law Firm’s civil rights cases involving Noe Nino de Rivera.  Noe is a 17 year old high school student who was Tased at a Cedar Creek High School by a Bastrop Sheriff Deputy.  The Deputy had no reason to Tase Noe but did so nonetheless; this is a brutal display of excessive force.  Noe sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and spent 52 days in a medically induced coma.  He has brain damage and faces a very long of recovery back to health. The Loewy Law Firm represents victims of excessive force in… Read More

Choking Prevention and Care

Surely many of us have felt that moment of panic when we feel something momentarily lodge in our throat while we’re talking or laughing while we eat. For me it was a piece of gum after a friend of mine told a particularly funny joke. That being said, choking emergencies are no laughing matter! Below I’ll cover the tell-tale signs that someone is choking and what to do if you’re around someone who is choking. Signs and Symptoms The universal sign of a choking victim is the victim’s hands holding onto their neck and throat. If you suspect a person… Read More

Swimming Park Accidents: 4 Types of Drowning Victims

Every year when the temperatures begin to rise, there’s no denying the Texas heat. Air conditioning and swimming pools are the only true escapes from the heat. Many gather at local pools and water parks to beat the heat, but the risk of drowning is as ever present danger. Proper rescue can best be executed only when the type of victim is properly identified. There are four types of drowning victims, and all require different rescue techniques and care. Listed below are the four categories of at-risk swimmers: 1. Distressed Distressed is the one category of swimmer that isn’t… Read More

Head Trauma Safety: What to Do if You Suspect a Concussion

car accident

Our brains are soft masses with the consistency of jelly, suspended in cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid keeps our brains from bouncing around in our hard skulls from everyday movement. Most of the movement our head does is cushioned by this fluid. Abrupt trauma to the head can cause the brain to move around inside the skull, causing it to strike and bounce against your inner skull. Examples of such events are hard falls, car accidents, sports accidents and over-enthusiastic head banging at a heavy metal concert. A concussion is the brain injury that one sustains from such quick… Read More

Personal Injury Prevention: 4 Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating

traffic on freeway

Halloween is tomorrow and you’re kids are most likely beside themselves at the prospect of costumes, jack o’lanterns and bags of free candy. It’s a great, festive holiday, but there are some safety issues to keep in mind to prevent your little ghouls from getting hurt. Listed below are some helpful tips on how to stay safe during tomorrow night’s festivities! 1. Costume Selection and Darkness Certain costumes pose higher visibility risks than others. Due to the dark, evil traditions of Halloween, a lot of black is usually incorporated into costumes. The darkness of night mixed with dark colored costumes… Read More

$1.4 Million Recovered For Clients in First Quarter of 2013

The Loewy Law Firm is pleased to announce it has recovered over $1.4 Million ($1,4000,000) in settlements for clients in the first quarter of 2013. The recoveries occurred on behalf of clients involved in car accidents, DWI accidents, and child injuries. The Loewy Law Firm is very committed to getting the most compensation possible for each client. If you have been injured, or have a loved one dealing with a personal injury situation, please contact us today at (512) 920-5533 and speak directly to firm owner Adam Loewy. Read More

Caring for Babies: Death by Suffocation Cases Too Common in Texas

According to KXAN, it is relatively common to hear to infant deaths in Central Texas. Most of the time, these deaths occur when a baby is set in his or her crib face down and the child edges toward the bumper of the crib, where he or she suffocates there. This tragic incident happened to Aiden Lopez, a baby who was only six months old when he suffocated in his crime. The baby’s grandmother tried to administer CPR upon finding the child unconscious in his room, but it was not enough. The child was STAR-Flighted to a local hospital, but… Read More

Learn More About Loewy Law firm

The Loewy Law Firm was established by Adam Loewy after he graduated from the University of Texas Law School, just ten years ago. It wasn’t long before his name was ranked among some of the highest in personal injury law, because of his dedication to become a skilled and experienced attorney in a short amount of time. Personal injury law is designed to help victims who have been involved in some sort of accident and received a wrongful injury, or were killed as a result of another person’s negligence. It is not uncommon that one person’s mistake or lack of attention… Read More